Thursday, June 09, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Shocks

 If I ask you quickly to name one person who had their career destroyed by one self inflicted act, you might think of Jennifer Grey. Her whole career came crashing down because of the nose job she got. Was she A list though? Was she ever going to be A+ list or was her inevitable slide, just hastened by the procedure. I would argue the biggest career slide was in this former A+ list actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee and could sing on Broadway as easily as he could be the lead in a dramatic movie or television role. Our actor was closeted and thought he could cure himself from being gay so he submitted to electroshock therapy and then forced himself to hook up with actresses. The electroshock therapy changed who he was as an actor and changed his appearance and his cadence and he never got the same kind of work after. That led him to abandon trying to be heterosexual which led him back to men and an early death due to AIDS.

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