Monday, June 06, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Singer

I had not thought about this singer in several years. I try and keep an eye on singers who do well in a certain foreign competition, but she slipped beneath my radar until a few months ago. This singer is foreign born. In her own country she is A list. In Europe, she is probably A- list but she lives in the US, and almost no one knows who she is despite a very recent high profile performance which is why I went digging again. Superficially I get why she had the performance she did. However, considering that an associate of hers was found guilty less than two weeks earlier seemed a bit like, payback for staying quiet. She already got a huge gift when she managed to get a great visa to come to the US, which she initially deserved, but did nothing here to keep it, except know some very powerful people. And by know, I mean know, but also there is a lot of buzz she was used in honey pot type situations to lure people into scams. She really stepped outside the bounds of being a singer/actress with some of the projects she undertook. She was the face of everything. Someone kind of famous and extremely attractive. Everyone assumes she was just the front, but considering the people who went to jail and the people who should have gone to jail and just the timing of how she stayed in the country and after not doing anything forever in the public eye, shows up for that big performance shortly after a guilty verdict of an associate and it all seems too coincidental to me. 

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