Friday, August 05, 2022

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups - 70's Edition - Mr. X

#1 - The alliterate actress/businesswoman and this A-list multiple Oscar nominated character actor best known for playing outsiders, villains and psychopaths. This was shortly after her divorce from her husband who you all know.

#2 - This lanky actor turned cult hero and this A-list singer/songwriter in a movie they costarred in together, an early role for him and the only film role for her. The movie was forgettable, but one song featured in it won two big awards and became the singer’s signature tune.

#3 - This one half of this sibling folk music/comedy duo always liked to brag he slept with this A++ list diva and this alliterate A-list mostly television actress very early in their careers.

#4 - While this R&B crooner publicly remained in the closet for the majority of his career (although privately he was openly gay) , this one named disco singer was flamboyantly out and proud in an era where very few musicians were. They hooked up one time in the late ‘70s when the R&B crooner was still known for songwriting and singing backup for many A-list acts.

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