Thursday, August 04, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Behind The Scenes

There are some revelations in an upcoming book and it will be great to have them front and center. I don't think it will bring down a producer we want brought down. That part would have already leaked from one of the book reviewers. There are many things left unsaid in the book. They are implied and hinted, but there was only so much knowledge the actress who wrote the back had. The powers that be at the network didn't know what she knew or who she would tell, so attempted to bribe her to stay quiet. That is not a new revelation. It is what is left unsaid in situations such as where this A+ list singer, who was a B+ list very young actress at the time somehow ended up in the home of an A+ list actor. Our author only knows what was told to her. She knows the actress was at the actor's home and was given an explanation. An explanation that told almost nothing. Why was a very young, not even old enough to drink actress who was the special project of the producer there at the home. How many others ended up in the home of the actor from the network? As it turns out, an additional former co-star of the author also spent time at the actor's home as did a former co-star of the at the time B+ list actress. Was this so the A+ list actor could have his ego fed by very young actresses in awe of the actor and willing to fawn over him as they did the producer. Does our actor have a foot fetish and the actresses knew just what to do. How did the producer and the A+ list actor come to know each other. They never worked together or had projects with people they both knew. This was special. Someone needs to take our author's narrow scope of what happened, and dig.

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