Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Another Bad One - Anniversary Month

Over the years, I have told so many stories about this particular one hit wonder that all of you know, that I begin to wonder if I am repeating any of them. Anyway, I know I have written about when he toured with one particular band, and how awful their behavior was, but there was one time when he was out on the road that it was much worse. 

He was playing a one off show at a casino, and he was not a headliner that night. He was either second or third billed. I don't remember who the third band could have been, but the other person he was opening for was a legend. The legend was going through a very rough time. For several years she had been grieving for her husband and was just in a rough spot. This particular night, the one hit wonder decided he would have some fun. He knew the legend had a drinking problem and he got her hammered drunk before she went out to perform. It was awful out there for her. It was so bad, that she had to give up after a few songs. She came backstage and was headed for her bus, when the one hit wonder directed her to his bus, and then had sex with her. 

he then kicked her off the bus and threw her clothes out after. She literally had to walk half naked to her bus and it was freezing cold that night. Well, there was a second show the next night and he tried the same thing the next night, but one of her roadies beat him up to the point, our one hit wonder played his show with a split lip and a wiggly tooth.

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