Thursday, November 10, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Candlestick Club - Anniversary Month

Don't forget that back in the day, the original point of Bohemian Grove was to act as a retreat, educational place for artists and actors. It was only after the elite barged in, that it really got many of its rituals and staged?!? sacrifices. Many of the actors still wanted a place for themselves, but they also liked the area and thought it conducive to a summer camp. Not only did they find a place for a summer camp, they also found a way to hide it from literally everyone because they were able to buy a massive piece of property that is hidden in every way from the nearby road because of a big hill. It is only beyond the big hill that you can see the camp and the homes and cabins and everything they have set up for themselves. Of course to get to the top of the hill, you would also be trespassing, so it is even more secure than Bohemian Grove, which really isn't. 

One of the quirks of the whole thing is they have a front operation. They are off the 101 in a very remote area of Northern California where the speed limit is rarely higher than 45. At a bend in the road, it would have been possible for someone from the road to maybe get a glimpse of some activity. So, one of the members came up with a very unique idea. Make some type of store that seemed to fit. So, they made a store that makes and sells candles. Right out in the middle of nowhere, but the building effectively blocks people on the road from seeing anything. 

Good luck on ever going inside the shop. It is only open for about two hours every weekend. This is where the blind part of this comes in. The person who mans the counter every weekend is the person who is the current President of the organization. Before he died, it used to be this actor who was an alcoholic who got in trouble often and you probably saw him in the movie about a kid's school sport. he used to drink and yell at customers all the time which is why they reduced the opening hours to about two. This back in the day A list singer who is the offspring of an A list singer and also has been an actor, was one of the first heads of the group and he had the place open all the time and travelers would end up there and camp down the road, until the police decided there were too many and run them out of town, and then the cycle would begin anew. 

The current head of the club is an actor/director who is a really big a-hole and has some very problematic ties to disturbing events that have occurred in his past with an actress oft mentioned in this space. 

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