Monday, November 07, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Gaslighting

He did it with his very young female co-star on the show he just left. he told her to always keep everything quiet and not say anything. With her, it was offscreen and on. When someone would notice in their scenes, that there seemed to be an intimacy between the pair, he would always admonish her publicly in front of the crew, and tell her it was her fault. He always made it seem like she had a crush on him and nothing more.

Fast forward to another show, and his very odd relationship with the barely legal actress all of you know. I am not going to call it grooming, but he likes to be her acting coach, if you will. As you grow older you are going to have roles which are much more adult in theme, and we should practice those. You will have scenes where you are kissed and are pretending to have sex. We should practice those. So, of course, she fell for him and once again he gets angry if she lets anything slip in front of others. He gets angry with her and she has to be the one to rush to him and beg for forgiveness. At some point, she won't ever be able to remove herself from him.

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