Friday, December 23, 2022

Four For Friday - Kindness With The Scandal

#1 - This married foreign born alliterate actor was once A list back in the day and had at least one movie franchise. He bought a house for his favorite escort after years of putting up with his crazy demands.

#2 - Speaking of foreign born, this foreign born former A- list comic actor paid the school tuition for a year for the police officer that chose not to arrest the actor for shoplifting. 

#3 - Speaking of paying for things, this married A- list actress used to be "roommates" with the B+ list actress all of you know but never paid rent or for anything related to their apartment. After the A- list actress got some fame, she bought two condos which she uses to give young actresses a place they can stay rent free and hassle free.

#4 - Speaking of hassles, this three named actress was known for using her power to sleep with men and women on one of her shows, a lawyer took on all the sexual harassment cases for free, just so the actress would stop.

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