Thursday, December 22, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Departure

During the early years of this blog, this actress was an A list mostly television actress who went from one network hit to another. In the first show, she got tired of playing second fiddle to the lead, because she said she was a better actor and the lead actor was a horrible actor and person and not worth the money. She wanted to get paid what he was getting paid. When the network said no, she left the show with really no notice. There were nicer stories in the press, but she boxed them into a corner. In the other network hit, she pulled the same stunt, but knew she had better leveraging power. The problem on the second show is that literally every member of the cast and crew hated her and all of them were desperate to have her character killed off. Asking for a massive salary bump at the expense of other cast members, seemed the opportune time.

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