Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Youthful Closet

Most actors I know who are in the closet, have always been in the closet or come out. Not so, for this one permanent A list movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. He has been publicly seen with only women for several decades now and there is nothing to suggest he does anything with any men at this point in his life at all. Not so, when he was at the very peak of his fame and was headlining multiple movie franchises. At that point, he and his then significant other would hit swingers clubs and sex clubs and our actor would have sex with anything that moved. He was insatiable. Then, AIDS hit and our actor refused to have a sexual encounter with a man from that day moving forward and also insisted that all sex partners get a STD test. Our actor had a lot of sex and he had an account at a local lab who would often process 2 or 3 STD tests for him each day.

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