Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Character

This singer is permanently A+/A list. One of the true legends of our time and she is still very much alive. Although she is beloved, she is beloved only when we look the other way at one of her most important characters she liked to play. Yes, she is a singer, but yes, she had characters. She doesn't do that any longer, but for many years, she had a variety of characters she would portray. She would dress like them and act like them and live like she imagined they would live. She then, would use that version of her life to create music. The issue that everyone likes to ignore and the one that was probably the most problematic was when she decided to live on and off for many years as a black man. She would never be able to do that now and even then, everyone around her found it strange that she wanted to inhabit this character all the time. This character took over her life. He went to parties and weddings and concerts and the singer almost ceased to exist. This character even is on the cover of one of her albums and I guarantee if you look at the album, you would never know it is the singer. She did this for years, until one by one, her friends finally told her enough and a boyfriend she loved broke up with her because she chose the character over him.

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