Monday, February 20, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Secret

This actor has been in plenty of blinds, but he has never made the big blind. Even though, he is still young, all of you know him. He is foreign born and is someone that Gen Z loves and adores. They follow his every move. Apparently, he and a sibling started taking advantage of that. This would be the youngest sibling. Through the youngest sibling's social media, the pair reached out to females they were interested in. It didn't matter if they were 18 or not, they would just scroll and DM. Although, the younger sibling did the trolling, the famous sibling would be ready and willing to take a selfie with the younger sibling to show they were related. No videos though, just selfies. Between the two of them, they have compiled about 1000 photos and nearly as many videos of teens/women of all ages, completely naked and also pleasuring themselves and others to prove they should be with the actor or the sibling. 

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