Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Movie

Fans have been waiting for this movie for well over a decade. There have been promises made and then promises broken. The movie took so long to make that the original casting decisions were just not possible any longer because the story would not be as believable. I think it would have been fine, but whatever. It has been done. They have cast two new leads and have been shooting for a long time now. This beloved project is being ruined. It is being turned into an abomination of the original. The studio decided in advance that since people have been waiting so long to see the movie, then why not make two of them at once. Split into a two parter before you even know if they like the first. I'm not sure the built in audience is big enough for that kind of move, but again, but whatever. So, now we have two big mistakes that are going to turn off a lot of fans. What if the studio had to call in extra directorial help, because the director wasn't exactly sure to do about shooting this kind of project. Yes, he has experience directing musicals, but, not this whole doing two movies at once thing and where to end the first part and not make it a cliffhanger, and how to add another 45-60 minutes of run time to a project that was already perfect. Plus, to make matters even worse, there is the whole shooting a bunch of film and then looking at it and then realizing most of the costumes look like crap and having to go back and redo the entirety of the costumes and then having to go back and reshoot what they had already done, sometimes with different actors because the others had already wrapped and moved on to other things. 

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