Monday, February 13, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Drinking & Walking

This is not really Old Hollywood. Several of the cast members of this hit show are still alive, although, very old. The show spawned other shows and movies and it all comes from a series of books. One of the more famous cast members, also hosted a long long running program that made you really think. He is the subject of the blind. Our actor was famous for getting drunk at bars in Hollywood. Staggeringly drunk. He also made it a point to never drive drunk. He would walk drunk though. Many times, our actor would be discovered sleeping a drunk off in an alley or pressed against the wall of a store. What he was known for though was trying to find women to sleep with he had to pay. He found that much more interesting than hitting on whatever groupies/fans he would meet in whatever watering hole he was in each night. The women of the night all knew of his predilections and would often wait for him outside a bar, hoping to be able to have sex with him. He paid well and usually was unable to perform because of the drinking. His favorites were those who didn't speak English because he liked to pretend he could speak all manner of languages but he really couldn't speak any. 

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