Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Perfect Storm

Even as recently as two weeks ago, there was an instance of a girlfriend of an actor who had to delete 90% of her social media because of the thins she had written in the past which would cause the actor to have to answer questions about why he was with the girlfriend and would cause her to have to explain all of her racist and homophobic Tweets. I wrote a blind about the social media posts and within 48 hours, they were gone. I also made it clear that the actor didn't really care if she removed them or not. It was his team that made him tell her. I bet they break up in a few weeks.

A celebrity or in some cases like the one above, a significant other will remove horrible posts. That is usually as far as it goes. How many degrees of separation are really necessary? Well, in the case of this A list actor who used to be a superhero, the degrees of separation are numerous. The actor's girlfriend is foreign born. Her team and the actor's team have been going over her social media and removing as many posts as they can. There are so many truly awful posts, that it has taken some time. Her team is doing it to help renew the the show she stars on, even though I think she will bail on it, even if it is renewed. His team is making sure he has deniability and doesn't look like an idiot for dating someone who is clearly awful, at least on social media. 

The problem his team is facing, and her team doesn't really care about are all of the replies and @a she did to her friends on all their social media posts. One of her best friends has a social media page that is littered with Nazi references and white nationalist imagery and a host of other horrible things. There are other friends who also have posts, just not as numerous. The actor's team is reaching out to all of the people who own those accounts and asking them to delete posts and replies or make their accounts private. There are dozens of accounts and the actor's team is working nonstop so none of it comes back to him. I wonder if the actor knows or cares.

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