Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Proposal

I went back and looked and I can't believe I have never told this story before. And no, it does not have anything to do with the movie of the same name, but it is a movie that is one starring Ryan Reynolds that is actually decent. RIP Betty White. 

This actress is A list. Honestly, she is probably permanently A list. If she stars in a movie, even well after the peak of her career, she is still the female lead. Always. OK, well not in one of those movies where they throw everyone in a movie, but a regular movie, she is the female lead. She had been dating an actor for awhile and he wanted to propose to the actress. He buys her a ring, which she knows nothing about. He didn't have private jet money back then, but he gets first class tickets to Paris and gets a very suite at this very top end hotel. A side note to the story is that the nicest suite at this hotel had been booked by the wife of an actor that our actress later had an affair with. Anyway, back to our story. Everything is going great. They are having a good time. Then, comes the proposal. He gets a reservation at the restaurant at this Michelin starred place. Not just one star, but two or something like that. A very high end, stuffy kind of snobby French place. The kind where there are no scenes allowed or tolerated. They get there and they are having a lovely meal. It is some kind of tasting menu and the waiter comes over with the next course, and presents it to the actress and to the actor. The actor had planned this and the restaurant had been accommodating, but ONLY because they knew who the actor was and liked one of his roles. Normally, they wouldn't have done so. So, the waiter does the whole voila thing and lifts the top of the next dish and there is a rose and then the actress looks at it and the actor does the whole get down on one knee thing. Right there in the middle of the place. He then asks her to marry him. Her response went something like this. The actor has told the story several times, and seems to change it slightly each time, but this is the basics.

"You are asking me to marry you. Now? Right here? On f**king Valentine's Day? Is this so you never have to give me another Valentine's Day present for the rest of our lives? Because, you might think this is all romantic and nice, but this is not the day you propose to me you f**king a**hole." You pick a day that is already not romantic. Are you f**king drunk or is this something you had planned?"

This goes on for a couple of minutes, with her voice getting more angry. People are staring and the actor is sweating. The wait staff and management look pained. Finally, the actress turns around and walks out. The actor has zero cash so there is no throwing money on the table and running after her. He has to wait for them to take his credit card and run it and he finally gets outside and she is gone. He goes back to the hotel and she is not there. He can't reach her by phone. 

She left all her stuff in the hotel. For two days he can't find her. He has no idea where she is. Then, on the third day, he opens up a tabloid and sees a photo of her in London on the arm of another guy. The actor threw away all her stuff and then flew back to the US. She later tried to sue him because he threw away some valuable piece of jewelry, but then he threatened to tell everyone what happened. 

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