Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Disturbing

On so many levels, this is disturbing. Also, when you think about it, as disturbing as it sounds, it is also not that surprising. My only thought is that I am shocked they didn't wait a few years until both parties were of legal age and then try and monetize it through a series of OnlyFans videos. This long time reality star started off young. Not elementary school young, but young. We have seen a lot of their life and there have been way more awful moments than good moments. I think anyone who watched this person grow up is kind of surprised they didn't end up dead from a drug overdose. They certainly tired their hardest to do that. They have spent a lot of time in court. They are now convinced of a certain lifestyle and belief and wants their not old enough to drive teenager to breed with the not old enough to drive teenager of their spouse. The pair are not half siblings. To this end, the two are forced to sleep in the same bed. Apparently they are not forcing the pair to have sex, but surmise that if they are forced to share the same bed every night that this is what will happen. In their minds, they must be thinking about how to monetize it. 

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