Saturday, September 23, 2023

Blind Item #3 - Reader Blind

Many decades ago , these two competitors met at a prestigious foreign sporting event .  One who is deceased now was a top player in this sport but not the best.  He was more well known as a trailblazer outside the sport.  The other was at the time the best in the world and had A+ level fame .   He was also younger than his competitor. He is still alive.  

The younger man was by far the heavy favorite.  However, the day before their match, some powers that be both inside the sport and from the world at large visited him and he was instructed to throw the match.  In return, he would be given huge sums of money.  If he refused, truths about his father’s early life involvement with organized crime would be publicly revealed.  The younger man had no choice but to go along with it.  

During the match, the fix was obvious as at the beginning the older man took a huge lead and the younger man mugged for the camera and made faces throughout.  During a break, he received a warning about what was at stake.  He then proceeded to win the match for awhile before allowing the older man to win at the end.  

Later, the older man was in a managerial position where he sometimes had to interact with the younger man who was still playing in the sport.  The younger man gave him a terrible time during this period.  This is why.  

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