Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Play For No Pay

This married foreign born old permanent A list singer likes nothing more than to play with barely legal teens who are enthralled by the singer and being close to him, or at least very good at pretending for the money he pays them. The thing is though, our singer likes traveling to places around the world and will often have a handful of very young teens fulfilling his every wish each night. If there are a group, then chances are good the group will be paid. The singer probably won't pay, but his friends will. If the "entertainment" comes alone, there is no chance they will ever be paid and if they make a fuss, the singer picks up the phone and calls whatever local police department and complains that the person was trying to rob the singer or assaulted the singer or whatever other excuse sees the person arrested. As the singer has got older, it occurs much more frequently.

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