Friday, September 22, 2023

Four For Friday - Lost Gossip

Four pieces of crazy gossip from the earliest days of the blog that you probably forgot.

#1 - Can you imagine thinking you were about to marry this former A+ list singer who comes from a family of singers that speak in multiple languages and then end up with the old alcoholic actor who is always peeing himself and got famous because of a car he worked with.

#2 - Prior to getting cheated on by her husband and while she was still single, this A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee got drunk at a St. Patrick's Day party at the Sunset Tower hotel and swapped spit with the chain smoking Russian stripper loving Oscar winner/nominee, before going to his room for 45 minutes to have sex. He was in a relationship at the time.

#3 - This A list actor/singer is an Oscar winner/nominee and hopefully on the mend health wise. Don't forget the time he spent an Easter Sunday talking about how the permanent A list "singer" was on heroin, her once upon a time car partner/actress was on crack and how the at the time barely old enough to drive singer who was on Disney at the time and is now an A list singer had a STD.

#4 - The time this A+/A list actor who has directed in the past, threatened to sue a paparazzo because the pap had taken pictures of a naked 13 year old girl in the actor's bedroom in that place he has overseas. No one ever explained who the 13 year old was and why she was naked in the actor's bedroom.

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