Monday, October 09, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Invitation

It is that time of the year. Back in the day, everyone in town hoped for an invite to the Playboy Mansion for Halloween. The debauchery that night was next level. Now, though, there is an invite that is even more cherished. Part of the reason is the much fewer guests that are invited. The home where this party is located changes on an annual basis but is a fraction the size of the Mansion. This party also makes sure that every guest is willing to partake in whatever sexual situation they encounter. If there is any hesitation, you may be asked to leave and you certainly will not be asked back the next year. The hostess of the party is this former A+ list singer. Over the past decade she has been throwing this party, it has become one of the very hottest tickets in town. Long before there was an actual invite only party, there was the singer and this A- list actress who ruined her career with a film choice and a half dozen guys and some drugs and booze. The next year a few more women were added and a male and female who were willing to be tied and whipped by whoever wanted the opportunity. The actor/cannibal always wanted to attend, but our hostess hated him. She did invite his wife one year and she attended without the actor knowing and apparently she was ready and willing for everything.

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