Thursday, October 11, 2007

**Update**Britney Makes It To Court For A Late Lunch

**Update** Britney Spears has been awarded one supervised, overnight visit a week with her children. It is still undecided who will be doing the supervising.**

After sleeping through several wake up calls, Britney Spears managed to drag herself out of bed and showed up at court early this afternoon for a quick hearing related to the custody and visitation of her kids.

Britney wants overnight visits and if they are going to be supervised, she wants her mom to be the supervisor. Both Britney and Kevin Federline's attorneys talked over that possibility and the judge took that and whether Britney will get any overnight visits under submission.

Earlier in the morning, Britney's attorney had argued that Britney's kids would suffer psychologically if they didn't get to see their mother more often. That is really going out on a limb. A limb so small that even the slightest shift in weight will cause it to crack.

I haven't quite decided why Britney wants overnight visits with the kids. She probably would just leave them at home while she went out anyway. It seems to me the best time for visits with her are between noon and 8pm. After that, she's off in her own world.

What I would like to see happen, but probably won't, is that Britney can have the kids overnight provided her mom or another supervisor is there, and that Britney cannot leave the house at all while the kids are there.


noel said...


Britney not to be able to leave the house at all? Not even for coffee or food? How do you think those kids are going to be fed??

Man, at least it seems that her mum is back... It will be interesting to see how K-Fed's relationship with Lynne will pan out now...

c said...

Well, I'm sure Brinety could send someone out for food or coffee or cigs. It seems to me these excursions to the gas stations are for attention from the pap.

I think Britney should have a professional child supervisor there. Here mom could be there as well, but what if Brit decides she's finished with her again? That seems potentially volitile. I think they need someone without an emotional investment to make sure the kids are safe.

jax said...

Well you were sorda right..she get's ONE overnight visit/ week but it has to be monitored by an outside source and not a family member. Makes sense..if something happens i'm not sure Lynn would report it to CPS.

I wonder how many regular train wreck folks get visitation partially turned over a week later?
Celebrity justice lol its startin again..this asshat will have full custody by

Caroline said...

I don't think she should have been given overnights yet. She needs longer than one week to prove herself. And the fact she was so late, well, I wouldn't have put up with that crap if I were the judge.

Bryn said...

Another site is saying that she was sarcastic and disdainful and interrupted the commissioner throughout the hearing. Why he would give in to her at all is beyond me. I wish he'd have thrown her out. I just can't stand her. She's total trash.

EmilyR said...

Is THAT what she wore to court?!
Can we deport her altogether? I'm starting to really hate her.

DisorderlyMan69 said...

Loved the photo of her shaved cunt later that day. What a pig slut.