Friday, September 12, 2008

Does Elizabeth Taylor Even Carry Money?

I was reading a story in Kneepads about Elizabeth Taylor going out to her favorite bar, which happens to be the gay bar Abbey in West Hollywood. It sounded like she had a great time and was boozing it up with a large martini. At this point, I think she should be allowed to drink whatever the hell she wants, rehab be damned.

But when I was reading the article, I was struck by the question of whether she ever has to pay for anything anymore. Although I'm sure The Abbey paid for everything last night, would you, as an owner of a restaurant ever have the nerve to charge her? And I wonder how far it extends. Look, if Denise Richards can get free stuff from all over town, you know that Elizabeth Taylor can as well. I'm guessing she can probably get free cars, food, and whatever else she wants.

At what point do you just realize that no one is ever going to hand you a bill for anything. I told everyone before about the time I accidentally was given Liza Minelli's credit card when she was using it. It had never been used before but it looked to be a few years old. It wasn't even signed on the back and the activation sticker had never been taken off. Clearly, she was not used to having to pull out the plastic. What is sad is that Liza and Liz deserve the star treatment, but honestly they are given basically the same privileges as a Lauren Conrad or a Spencer Pratt. It is kind of disturbing when you look at it that way. On one hand you have someone who is a worldwide legend and has been for over 50 years, and on the other hand you have some two bit punks who lucked out by being born to some rich parents in Laguna Beach and get treated the same way. Something needs to change.


jax said...

the time's they are a changing.
it's all about branding and putting famous faces on products whether in the store on in the club. sux but true.

Ayesha said...

Liza and Liz deserve the freebies. They're legends. They have talent and have WORKED.

I'd buy Liz Taylor a drink. I wouldn't piss on Heidi if she were on fire.

not a famous adrian said...

I'm glad to hear Liz is out & about. She wasn't doing well for a whle.
But she is one of the few last remaining real stars.

califblondy said...

Doesn't Kathy Griffin's hilarious Mother hang out a a gay bar?

I'd love to join ET and Kathy's Mom for happy bar at the local gay club.

How much can old women drink anyway? Hmmm, nevermind don't answer that.

MontanaMarriott said...

Can you imagine the gays that night... "Grrrrl you really do a good Elizabeth Taylor, except her eyes are lighter, " LOLOLOLOL

But I agree, Icons like Liz, Liza, Streisand, deserve all their freebies, however these 2 minute celebrities with no talent should not even be allowed a free cheeseburger at McDonalds

digawina said...

I'll be the oddball. I don't think being an entertainment legend entitles you to freebies. Let's face it, their jobs aren't that strenuous. Not like farming or coal mining. They aren't curing cancer or pursuing some altruistic career. And they actually have the money to pay for these things, where a lot of people who work 10 times harder don't and don't get free stuff.

I will agree she's more deserving than the Lauren Conrads and Denise Richardses of the world, but I just can't get down with the idea that these people deserve free stuff because they are legends of the stage and screen AND have already been duly compensated for it.

Ernestine said...

Fuck that. Why the hell should people positively reeking of wealth get shit for free? Yeah, she should pay. She should pay, and she should tip generously, just like Lauren fucking Conrad should pay the full tab and tip generously.

I DO think her gays should have picked up the tab, but she should NOT get shit for free. Are you kidding?!?

bionic bunny! said...

i don't mind the biggies getting for free, but i AM disturbed by the story of liza's credit card. it seems pretty ballsy of her to not even remove the sticker, like, "i know you won't DARE, so don't even bother trying". you know?

Merlin D. Bear said...

Are you kidding? Can you imagine the business just the *rumor* of La Liz making a candid appearance somewhere would draw?
Damn right she'd drink free -
not that there wouldn't be a line to pay for whatever she wanted a mile long simply because she's who she is (and I'd be right there in it LOL ) - but still - it's Elizabeth Taylor for crying out loud.
As for the rest of the wanna-be's, they can get free stuff when they can duplicate or approximate her body of work. And only then.
'Nuff said.

Mooshki said...

"I wouldn't piss on Heidi if she were on fire."

I would. But not to try to put the fire out. :)

The publicity definitely pays for the freebies for the establishment, but I hope the servers get compensated somehow.


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