Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One - Extra Snarky - Seriously

Have to start with this photo because it is the epitome of Random Photos. Where else are you going to see Star Jones and Anne Hathaway getting drunk? --I would have also accepted "That cup looks to small for beer, but I can't imagine Star carrying around her urine without a lid." -- I would have also accepted "Anne Hathaway with Tracey Morgan in a wig."
Apparently, excessive cocaine use leads to painful dry humping of models. For someone who really doesn't do jack squat, Alice Dellal seems to be in the photos often. Just remember that everytime she has been in the photos she has either been drunk, passed out on the ground drunk, or doing cocaine off the floor of an apartment. Look really closely at the DVD.
Well at least someone thinks Ashton Kutcher is funny.
"And therefore 2+2 = 4."
Its Culkins.

Its Culkins wasted on something.
Christina Ricci has gone from the little goth girl, to Ms. Holly Homemaker Stepford Wife in a very short amount of time. Winona obviously went to the Christina Aguilera school of lipstick application.
Wow. It is Cory Kennedy. She is alive, and if the rumors are true, wasn't she on 90210 last week as well?
Cowboy Junkies - New York
Yep. It's official, Ben Barnes is prettier than Jessica Biel.

And Colin Firth was on hand to announce the new champion.
I don't see Eric Roberts in Emma Roberts and for that I'm grateful.
Right before this, Ellen landed a back flip.

I have pretty much decided that whenever Jennifer Lopez walks into any room whether it be at Fashion Week, or her bathroom, this is how she poses. She comes in, gives the stoned look, and then walks in.

A first time appearance for Jason Isaacs.
The always lovely Jill Hennessy
and again with her daughter Jacqueline.
I think Jennifer Espositio took the whole Bed Head sponsorship thing a little too literally.
"And Daddy I am going to need another one of the dolls tomorrow because she can't play by herself. Oh, and there is a record store. Did you buy a copy of Uncle Donnie's album? Daddy, are you ever going to marry mommy? She says it is because you can't make a commitment. Is it true you are going to be in Lovely Bones because I just don't see you in that part at all. Oooh, ice cream. I want some. I want to be Little Princess for Halloween. Will I get candy? Can I keep it this year? What exactly is a Funky Bunch? Is it like the Brady Bunch? Bobby teases me at school so I told on him to the teacher, but then later he tried to kiss me. Then he hit me. Daddy, I want that. Can I buy that?"

Malin Akerman proved me wrong. I thought all these outfits were destroyed at the end of filming Boogie Nights.
First time appearance for Kevin Zegers as well.
It has been too long since Julia Stiles has been here. It wasn't that long ago that it seemed that no films were made without her, and then whooosh, bye bye.
You probably are thinking to yourself that Juliette Lewis is wearing the ugliest outfit you have ever seen. Not even close.
This is the ugliest outfit you have ever seen. It is like some mom decided to dress up her anorexic kid in an Olivia Newton John "Physical" time period outfit, realized they didn't have a skirt, so cut up a garbage bag for the skirt. Realized they had no headband and so quickly folded one up out of aluminum foil and sent the kid out trick or treating.

I'm guessing Martha Stewart has her bowling league later.
I don't know what the hell I was thinking putting two Winona Ryder photos in here. Sorry.
Nastia Liukin looks normal here.
Next to maria Sharapova, she looks like her daughter.
Ahhh, Travis barker. Still a boatful of laughs.

How is it possible that Scott Speedman has never been in the photos?
One of your favorites, but sadly not very many votes in the poll. The finalists will be announced Thursday.
It's Punky Brewster. Seriously. It is Soleil Moon Frye.
So, earlier I made the Lovely Bones comment about Mark Wahlberg. Well Rachel Weisz is in it as well. I have yet to read the book, but my best friend has, and assures me that casting Mark Wahlberg in it has ruined what is possibly the greatest book ever published. I don't think she has a problem with Rachel though.
Venus Williams then ate Renee Zelwegger for lunch.

I think Viggo made the finals.
I actually like the hair cut.
I don't know what Taylor Momsen is trying to do anymore.
Hey, it's Timothy Hutton. Remember him? Wow, Debra Winger yesterday and Timothy Hutton today.


lutefisk said...

I never thought I would say this, but Posh looks MUCH better than Winona. She is not aging well.

Liz said...

So, I couldn't believe that Jill Hennessy had a daughter that was a) a complete carbon copy of her, and b)looked like she was born when Jill was about 10. So I had to IMDB to find out how old she was, and discovered that it's her twin sister, not her daughter. Just wanted to clarify. And oddly enough, I really have no feelings one way or another about Jill Hennessy.

Molly said...

It has been too long since Julia Stiles has been here. It wasn't that long ago that it seemed that no films were made without her, and then whooosh, bye bye.

This sounds like a hint to a blind.

dancersmom said...

Is Marky Mark the answer to the long ago blind about the girlfriend beater? whoa, I didn't see that coming.

Maja With a J said...

The Lovely Bones is one of my favourite books ever. Is Marky mark going to be playing the dad? Because that doesn't really make sense at all. But who knows, we could be in for a positive surprise. I remember when they announced that Tom Cruise was going to play Lestat - I was VERY upset about the for a while, but he ended up doing a pretty good job of it. So who knows.

And the girl with the pile of coke on the DVD case...what a fucking moron!!!

I like Posh new haircut, but she is way too skinny.

Christina Ricci doesn't even look like herself anymore. I quite liked "Penelope" though - and it has a guy that I totally forgot to mention in the poll - James McAvoy.

Ms. said...

Yup. Jacqueline is Jill's twin sister. I see her all the time in the 'hood. It always funny because I always here someone excitedly say to their friend, "there's that girl from Crossing Jordan. But it's Jacqueline.

Ms. said...

Harriet, Lovely Bones finished shooting a while ago. It's in editing now. He plays Jack Salmon. Is that the Dad?

Tigercat said...

Nice to see Scott Speedman.

Really like Rachel Weiz but wouldn't have recognized her.

Sick of Posh although it is a cute cut.

mooshki said...

"And therefore 2+2 = 4."


At least Biel's nightmare bangs are hidden.

I love Malin, no matter how awful her dress is.

From what I can tell, Julia Stiles enjoys walking around NYC too much to spend time making movies. She's always being spotted at a Starbucks or something.

Remember when Nicole looked so great right after she had her baby? No?

Taylor Momsen saw all the attention Ali Lohan got for looking three times her age and decided she wanted a piece of that publicity pie.

Ariel said...

You can also see the bag of blwo under Alice Dellal's left arm.

surfer said...

I'm going to have to disagree with everyone - I think Posh's haircut is just awful - looks like someone on acid got a hold of a pair of scissors. That being said, seeing as we can't see her scalp, I'm hoping it's just a wig that she trotted out for fashion week.

MISCH said...


kimmypie1 said...

Oh Scott Speedman....rawr

califblondy said...

I like Victoria's haircut. A change up is good and she certainly knows how to get attention, doesn't she?

mooshki said...

Surfer, I hate it too.

bionic bunny! said...

i just hate her.
i thought it looked kind of wiggy, too. the bangs are way too short!

Desiree said...

what does ent mean by that comment about cory kennedy?

mooshki said...

I think he just meant she hasn't been in the public eye much lately? Maybe I'm missing a blind hint again, though. I guess you didn't watch the 90210 premiere, Enty? Shame on you!!! Okay, so it sucked, but Shannen Doherty!!!

Marnie said...

Ah, Viggo. Why so surprised to see me again? I see you've noticed that I'm naked from the waist down.

Amy in MI said...

OMG Enty MORE Jason Isaacs! I have loved him since I saw him in the Patriot!! Yum Yum

jax said...

yay!i know Jason Isaacs...really nice guy. met him in London a few years ago, he's a friend of my brother's. now he's Lucious Malfoy!

im thinking Demi is knocked up or is the star who miscarried. she has become rather 'full' lately.

"Ohhhhhhhhh" said Brandy.

I love jlo's who farted face. and how dare she ruin the lines of that dress with a shoulder bag??

LOL that running sentence is SO a little girl El.

Nicole Ritchie- Poke-Your-Anus. nice headband.

Winona, cute shoes, were they comped? or just a steal of a deal?

Scott Speedman..yum. shave the face grizzly adams.

sorry ladies and some men, i do not see the hype for Viggo. his sucken in eyes and meth face do not do it for me. call me cruizazy but i like my men to look healthier than the crackhead on my stoop. IMO..sowwy.

Unknown said...

I hated the Ending of Lovely Bones.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the new Posh, makes her look like a little boy with big fake boobies.

Viggo looks better there than he has in a long time. He gets a salute!

Speedman needs to shave or at least trim that beard. Scraggly is not sexy.

Wonder why one of the winona ryder photos is labeled "nr"?

Zegers is stunning, I'd never found him that attractive before. salute for you, too, youngun.

I liked Lovely Bones, entertaining. Would've preferred fat Gosling than Wahlberg.

Ben Barnes and Firth, I can't wait for their Dorian Gray movie. The homoerotic lust will consume me. Salute for them too.

The Star/Hathaway photo is too odd for words.

Molly said...

meth face? viggo? noooooo!!!! no! no! no! no! no!!!

:::::::runs away and slams door::::::::

Reese said...

I definitely have complaints about "The Lovely Bones" ending as well. Otherwise excellent book; don't know why the editor didn't plug that hole in the plot that is big enough to drive a car though. Not thrilled about the Mark Wahlberg casting, but he might be OK. Rachel Weitz? Good actress, but not really right for the story.

Am I the only person who doesn't understand all of the acclaim over Cory Kennedy? I think she's ungodly ugly, talent-free, and always looks as though she's in desperate need of a shower. Why on earth is this creature famous and well-paid? She makes Peaches Geldof seem worthwhile by comparison.

Lots of people look good today; Julia Stiles and the Hennesy twins in particular. You gave me a good laugh over Jacqueline being Jill's daughter, Enty! The sisters played twin hookers in the Jeremy Irons' film "Dead Ringers".

selenakyle said...

Why does Posh looks so...I dunno...GREASY and unhappy all the time?


If she can't look happy every now and then, then she needs to just go the hell away.

Yes, Demi is definitely bigger. Looked that way yesterday, too.

This Cory chick is a mess. Has she been partying with that Alice chick?

And I too LOVE Jason Isaacs. Terrible bad guy in The Patriot but sooooo yummy. Even yummy as Malfoy!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Anne Hathaway is so awkward that it makes me uneasy to look at her. She's so looooong in some places and BIG in others. I can't explain it. Anyway, that photo is AWFUL. And my friend went to Vassar with her and claims that she was a gigantic bitch with weird sexual habits. I believe him.

Posh is a very, very wealthy woman. Duh. So why can't she do something about her skin? I'm also one of those people who actually likes the new cut, but the Anna Wintour bob is basically my least favorite hairdo of ALL fucking time (followed closely by cornrows on white girls who aren't Bo Derek), so anything is a step-up, according to me.

I LOVED The Lovely Bones -- read it twice, cried twice. And I think that Peter Jackson is basically a magician capable of greatness. I love Rachel W, and I'm pulling for Marky Mark. I just REALLY don't want this movie to suck, if only for Alice Sebold's sake!

Unknown said...

Yeah, wtf, I wouldn't have known that was Rachel Weisz. Oh well, the crush is over.

Punky is still trying to hide her boobs eh?

Nice knees Nastia, yikes.

I keep waiting for Winona to pull a Heche.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Christina Ricci looks hot. But she really shouldn't let those bangs get any longer.

Did ya'll see where Shannen Doherty cut her bangs back! I swear to God she's reading my bang rants on CDAN!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Rachel Weitz looks AWFUL! I'd almost think today's blind is about her, if I so didn't want it to be! She used to be so gorgeous, and unstick-like. Wah, I just lost my girl crush...

Scott Speedman is HOT, but in regards to Viggo, I'm with Jax. He grosses me out - and I also agree that he's definitely got a meth face. (Apologies to all of the Viggo fans - don't eviscerate me!)

trashtalker said...

Maybe Julia Stiles' disappearance from movies is due to the fact that she can't act.

Nastia is also next to Elizabeth Banks. I like her. She seems nice and funny. I hope she is.

Does Renee's butt look huge in that photo? How can that be??

Victoria's hair? Meh. The real problem is her icky, shiny, severe makeup. She's looking very '80s. A little color on your lips won't kill ya.

shakey said...

Loved your comments today, Ent. Right on!

As someone who cannot have long or even medium length hair - Posh pulls off that lid very well.

And I agree with ea73 - Rachel looks disgusting.

AMD said...

Am I the only person that wasn't that impressed with the Lovely Bones? Talk about overrated. It was good until she fell to earth, took over the spirit of that lesbian, and had sex with that Indian dude she liked in high school.

There was a juvenile horror book from the 90s with the same premise and it was much better.

crichmond1000 said...

Is Renee z. making a new briget movie? If not, that is the most unflattering dress I have ever seen because she looks chubby. Not that chubby is bad (it better not be, or i'm in trouble), she is why the word sinewy was coined.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

@ernestine -- weird sexual habits? Do tell...

@dave -- Punky had breast reduction, I believe.

Little Blue Pill said...

Ok in order:

No one looks great in a pic when they're laughing their head off. At least Hathaway was having a good time

I had a couple of 'get out of jail free' cards in my youth. How many do models get?

Hey Ashton looks good. I'd do him

I thought 2+2 = 22. Damn no wonder..

Culkins: Shit how many are there?

Christina Ricci keeps getting better and better looking. I'd do her too. Winona looks allright

Cory Kennedy, Ben Barnes, Jason Isaacs. Don't know them. Should I?

Cowboy Junkies..the best name

Emma Roberts looks like a nice girl not a HW bitch. Give her another year

Yea Ellen. Those balance beams look like a double wide on TV but when you're on one it's like balancing on a damn toothpick

I can hardly wait to see if this is one of the poses JLo will strike during the triathlon 'You mean I have to swim in the same water with all these commoners?'

Jill Hennessy, damn she and JLo musta gone to the same modeling school

I like Esposito's hair. The pink dress with the curtain flounces at the hips, not so much

Enty, LOL if you're gonna try to write like how a kid talks then don't use 'I am' 'there is' 'it is' 'you are' - got it? ..Hey if I'm gonna be spending an hour in a store full of dress up dolls and high-pitched little girls who love and want everything I'd have that look on my face afterwards too. What I want to know is how far he walked before that bottle popped out of his pocket.

Maybe Malin flew home on those wings.

Ent please don't make it the last time for Kevin Zegers. Yum.

One word when actors complain about working so hard and being asked for autographs: Juliastiles

Juliette Lewis: another modeling school victim

Nicole Ritchie. I wonder if she felt like an idiot too?

Is Martha Stewart preggers? Lets start a rumor

What is it with wearing colored shoes that don't frigging go with the clothes? Winona looks like a Mary Kay Minnie Mouse at a funereal

Everybody's knees are ugly but at least Nastia is color coordinated

Maria..I'm wondering about the look the redhead is giving her. Now there's a fantasy oops I mean story

Travis Barker is a boatful of something that's fer sure

I like Scott Speedman too but god I hope he doesn't live up to his name


Hey Rachel don't step back or else your white panties are gonna show in the pics

Venus and Renee..was eating lunch because of their sizes or hmmm..something else?

Viggo needs to take better care of himself

Vickie's haircut is ok but too dark for her. She needs to lose the black Sharpie eyeliner

Taylor's wearing a dress that falls off at a shrug

I always liked Tim Hutton but he's an example of how someone can win an Oscar too young and achieve very little later

shakey said...

AMD - the premise sounds like Tale of the Body Snatcher by Anne Rice. Loved that book.

watcher said...

Ernestine asked
"Posh is a very, very wealthy woman. Duh. So why can't she do something about her skin?"

I read an article from a UK paper which speculated that Posh's poor skin could be caused by poor nutrition. Posh is rumored to diet constantly to keep so thin.

Dead Angel said...

Viggo just finished filming The Road, about starving to death in a post apocolyptic world, based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. He had better be thin if that movie is going to be believable. It's gotten raves in pre screenings I hear, so I guess he did what he needed to do, being thin and being one of the best actors around right now.

The person who cut Posh's hair in such an unflattering style should be identified, and then have their head shaved as punishment for doing such a bad pixie cut.

Little Blue Pill said...

Sexecution said have their head shaved as punishment

Shaved? Too easy. How about plucked, one at a time.

merrick said...

shakey .. loved every word in every book in the vampire series .. hope she writes another one .. also, the mummy was great .. lovely bones, I have never read, who wrote it?

AMD said...

I thought she stopped doing vamp books when she became a Christian. Interview with a Vampire was so disappointing. I love the movie (one of the 2 movies I break my Tom Cruise ban for), but the book was SOOOO boring. I got to the last chapter and just couldn't finish it. Of course I was in high school at the time, and now I might like it.

Seems weird though, that I always wind up hating the books that are so popular. The Bluest Eye was boring. Davinci Code sucked holy ass. Gone with the Wind was so bloody boring.

GB said...

This is the best Random Photos ever! I had people at work asking me if I was o.k., I was laughing so hard. Also, Jason Isaacs. Mmmm.

shakey said...

donna, I hope she doesn't. I read Pandora and was disappointed. I found it quite forgettable. Now Tale of the Body Thief - even better than Queen of the Damned. Very philosophical. I think it could make a good movie if done in the right way. Not sure who could play David Talbot.

slappywhyte said...

Those are some of the best photos you've ever posted Enty, but far too many for me to comment on in my tired state.

But let me say, our first college coed cutie profile is coming to our little megasizzle in the next day or two -- she's a wholesome beauty pageant type from Florida who admires sarah palin (?) (fellow pageant girl). Anyway, its very classily done, trust me. Future ones may not be as classy (if i have my way haha).

Slappy Whyte


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