Friday, September 12, 2008

Four For Friday - Fashion Week Roundup

#1 - Never been in a blind before. I love first timers. Too bad she had to be such a b**ch to make it in. Former B- and now a solid C lister. Primarily television. Oh, definite B+ name recognition. She was on big, big network shows. Hit network shows. Anyway, she was asked to do an opening for a new fashion line. The company thought she would be a good fit. The only thing she cared about was the paycheck. Scheduled to be there an hour, she stayed 5 minutes, and left.

#2 - It's one thing to play the "do you know who I am game" if you are actually someone. What really sucks is when the person playing it has to resort to, "do you know who my father is? The person in question is actually an actress, although C-. The last name doesn't hurt, or else she would be D. Apparently she wasn't satisfied with just one $1000 bag worth of swag and decided she was going to take 10 and give them away as Christmas presents. She was rebuffed, threw the dad thing out there, and the worker after discovering the identity of the dad, said, "I wouldn't give him ten bags either."

#3 & #4 - This former B+ list actor from an acting family (not the Baldwins) who was once on a hit show. Sounds like he is old, but not even aging. Anyway, while his girlfriend (model, sometime actress, also a famous family) was backstage at a show, he spent the time working the front of the show collecting phone numbers. When he was asked by one woman about his girlfriend and he said they had an open relationship. So, when the girlfriend came out to the front, she was asked about the open relationship. The girlfriend said, "it is now," and then walked out of the show.


Reese said...

Can't think of who any of them could be, but the fashion show worker who wouldn't hand over ten swag bags is my favorite person today. Bully for her!

Praetorian said...

I vote for Rumer "Potato head" Willis for #2

Kim said...

#2 has to be Rumer.

Dana said...

#2 could be Tori Spelling?

Ed said...

1. Calista Flockhart? Has she been a blind item before? Has 2 hit shows (Brothers and Sisters and Ally McBeal)

2. Rumer was the first that popped in my head, but definetly sounds like Tori Spelling

3. and 4. Hmmmm no clue maybe one of the Arquettes

jlb said...

#2 Rumor Willis - although I did think of Brooke Hogan as well, but I don't think she's an actress.

No clue on the others.

LMURI said...

#3 is the dude from that 70's show Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips. His bro is also an actor and she's definitely from famous fam.

Ema said...

#4 Lydia Hearst?

Ice Angel said...

#2 Tatum O'Neal?

LMURI said...

Oh, and I didn't clarify: #4 is Bijou Phillips

Reese said...

If #2 is Rumer (probably is) then the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Demi's nickname used to be "Gimme More"; she had an insatiable appetite for anything she could get her hands on that would come her way at someone else's expense.

jessica said...

could #1 be rashida jones? she could even be #2 as her dad is quincy jones. i hope not though as she always seemed kinda nice.

caralw said...

Wouldn't Rumor say do you know who my parents are, rathr than my Dad? Demi is just as famous as Bruce.

shelly_bean said...

Danny Masterson and Bijou Philips were my 1st guesses for #3 and 4, fits perfectly!

Ms Cool said...

#2 Kimberly Stewart?

jax said...

1- someone from 90210..tiff thiessen?
2- Rumer
3- Danny Masterson and Bijou

ms snarky said...

re the Tori Spelling guess - she's probably famous enough in her own right so that she wouldn't have to fall back on her (deceased) dad. Otherwise I can totally see it!

But that said, I'm down with the Rumer Willis theory.

Lisa said...

Potato Head Willis for #2. Yaay for the swag worker! They should get a cookie and thier picture in CDAN so we can all congratulate him or her for standing up to a Hollywood brat.

captivagrl said...

#1. heather locklear
melrose place
spin city
t.j. hooker

TaterOnTheCouch said...

I'm not sure about 1 and 3 but my guess is Spencer Grammer for number 2. She has a famous dad (Kelsey Grammer from Cheers and Frasier) and she is an actress on ABC Family's Greek.

captivagrl said...

or,#1. courtney thorne smith

selenakyle said...

Could be Tori spelling for #2. Liking Rumer Willis too, though.

Grace said...

#2 has to have the dad be someone not well liked, since the worker said "i wouldn't give him 10 bags either."

Too bad we don't know if Mel Gibson has a daughter who acts, although the Hogan guess is good.

However, Rumor fits, but I though Bruce was pretty well liked.

Trish said...

I second the Spencer Grammer guess. Brilliant.

trogdor said...

1. It's a big girl. "big, big...and the company thought she would be a good fit for their line" are good clues. I thought Camryn Manheim, but she's not C list. Won an emmy and golden globe.

2. Rumer Willis

3. 4. Don't care.

How come Ent doesnt do full frontal with girls? As a straight guy, I feel left out on fridays. =/

selenakyle said...

Hey trogdor--I guess this steaming pile of tits to the right is just a tease every day then, right?

All we got (straight females) is the hairy armpit gay dudes in PJs most days!

I'd take the hairy upper lip brunette in teh one-piece, sheesh.

(all LOL, btw :)) have a good night!

Laura said...

1)Rashida? Say it aint so!
2)Tatum O Neal?
I like Danny and Bijou for 3 and 4

gossipbebeh said...

nah Tatum isn't C list according to Enty's scale, as she has one an academy award when she was small

Alex said...

what about Zelda Williams for #2?

bionic bunny! said...

how can #2 be 'tater head? is she an actress? and i would give bruce a couple of extra bags.
but enty, please post if you read this,
what happened to the new tax laws that were imposed a couple of years ago on the swag bags?
i got a "swag bag" once. of course it was all marked with disney's "hercules" copyright. ooh, and i have a bunch of cels that we can't afford to have framed (and we didn't get free, only discounted), and we get really excellent prices on disney stuff and cruises and, and,
wait. i'm ranting again, aren't i?
anyway, what about that law?

enty, did you see that horrible accident with the metrolink a bit ago? mr. bunny called in a panic worried about co-workers, it was the 3:45 from union station. too early for the co-workers, at least we're praying so.

yellow said...

#1 Kristin Davis

nunaurbiz said...

OK, I'm not good at these, but I feel like surfing around for answers. The last item is the kind of gossip I like ^..^

I went looking for "models who act" and there was an Estella Warren who was at one point dating Peter Berg, who's done a LOT of stuff. I remember him most from Chicago Hope.

Anyway, I'm thinking the dude in this BI ain't a young thing and neither is PG.

Just throwin' it out there....

Don't think #2 is Rumer, sorry folks. Don't think she'd just use Daddy's name, she'd throw in Mommy too. Think it's someone with just a famous Daddy. Tori is a better guess, I think.

nunaurbiz said...

P.S. Berg's cousin wrote "Friday Night Lights" and he's exec producer on that show. Does that count for show biz family?

Beth said...

1. This person WAS on a big, big network show. Both Manheim and Flockhart are currently on network shows -- granted, I don't know that either are considered that big. Also, I wouldn't say The Practice was ever THAT big; Ghost Whisperer certainly isn't.

Heather Locklear seems the most plausible of the guesses so far, but I have my doubts.

2. Spencer Grammer

Wouldn't the daughter have said "Do you know who my PARENTS are?" if it had been Rumer? Also, she's pretty recognizable in her own large-headed right.

Btw, I love GREEK!

3. Dunno, but based on what everyone else has written, Masterson and Phillips sound like good choices.

Beth said...

The Kristen Davis guess is interesting, but hasn't see only been on one big network show (Melrose)? SATC was cable.

yellow said...

Davies was on Friends, and Seinfield too

Beth said...

In cameos though.

twitch said...

I don't think that dropping the name of your dead dad, even if he was Aaron Spelling, would get you too far, so I don't think it was Tori. Rumer is a good guess for #2, or maybe Allison Eastwood? There are so many useless celebuspawn out there, it is tough to choose. Doesn't Tom Hanks have a daughter? Or Steven Spielberg?

No clue for the others!

not a famous adrian said...

Buns--will you take me on a Disney Cruise, please?

Rebecca said...

Um, Rashida Jones in Random photos, Quincy Jone's daughter. (#2) But he's not disliked in the community, is he?

Inger said...

My guess for #2: Jaime Murray.

She is the daughter of Bill Murray who is very well known. She has been on Dexter throughout season 2 and Dexter is a huge network hit show. Other shows she has been on: Hustle, Valentine, The Bill. She definitely isn't more than C- in terms of her acting achievement and would just be some random name if it wasn't for her dad.
Bill Murray isn't very popular right now because he treated his wife like a d***.

Katja said...

Kimberly Stewart

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GladysKravitz said...

#2--I say not Tori Spelling, because although she's obviously more than happy to cash in on her dead dad, it seems to me that our smart little swag handler wouldn't have said that he "wouldn't give him ten bags either," given that he would have to go six feet down to do so.

Plus. It goes without saying that her dad was Aaron Spelling. Why else would she have a career?

BUT. Tatum O'Neal was in the Random Photos today--and God knows her dad is well known for being abusive as much as he is well known for being a drunk and a great dad. Tatum is a lovely example of his fatherly handiwork, and his treatment of Redmond and Farrah was on the cover of several magazines for us to examine.

If I were in charge of swag, I wouldn't give either of them another bag of goodies. Tatum's already taken hers up her nose and Ryan probably isn't too far behind.

Inger said...

(#2) The Tori Spelling and Rumer guesses just don't make sense. Both are famous enough themselves (accomplishments left aside) and their dads wouldn't provoke such a negative reaction.

I can see the Tatum O'Neal guess but still am very convinced it's Jaime Murray!

Katja said...

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trogdor said...

selenakyle -

hahahah, ya, the problem is that girl is fake. So are all the other ones on the web ads.

I thought about it afterwards, and I realized that I wouldnt want to see any of the famous girls from Hollywood naked. Too skinny. My ideal is about 6 feet or over at about 180 lbs. But hard to find girls like that. Either way I prefer real girls. I wonder when chicks are gonna figure out guys like 'em no matter what size they are. Well, us real guys anyway =)

Maybe Ent can do football friday's? Where he dishes info on athletes in all sports that the public doesnt know?

That'd be cool!

Becka said...

Jaime Murray's dad is Billy Murray, a British actor, not Bill Murray...

Liebez said...

jaime murray is british, her dad is billY murray!

yellow said...

#1 Is Kristin Davis
She was in ER, Melrose Place, Seinfeld, Friends, and Will & Grace. Not cameos but as guest actor doing a character and not herself. In Seinfeld her character was in 2 episodes.
In the blind Ent says "she would be a good fit" and in the press blurb for the fashion line it says "a clothing line fit for Charlotte's closet".

This has got to be the easiest blind ever.

lili_kay21 said...

#2 peaches geldof

Jungle007 said...

1- claista flockhart
2- brooke hogan
3-4- danny masterson and bijou

Cheryl said...

I agree with selenakyle. I don't like the hairy armpit gay dude either. He needs some Nair.

ms snarky said...

# 2 = ooooh, I like the Peaches guess. she's in America, and she sounds like she's not particularly mature. And not well known enough in her own right to get a lot of swag.

Mooshki said...

No way it's Rashida - Enty loves her.

"how can #2 be 'tater head? is she an actress?"

Unfortunately for the world, yes, yes she is. Well, the way Paris Hilton is an "actress." Someone keeps giving her parts in movies.

Kristin Davis is a great guess - I'd call SatC almost a network show given the constant reruns. TBS is closer to a network than a cable station, imo. Technicalities...

Not Estella Warren & Peter Berg, PLEASE!!! I love them both.

Trogdor, I can't for the life of me find the post, but way back Enty explained that there are already so many sites with naked women (celebs or not) that he wanted to balance things out for us by giving us men. :)

PollyPureBred said...

#1 Lauren Conrad?

#2 - Peaches is a great guess!

Mooshki said...

Bunny, I hope everyone you know is okay. I keep thinking that I hope no one I know lost friends/family, but then I feel guilty because so many strangers did lose someone they care about. It's reminding me of when our bridge fell. :(

Jamie's Girl said...

Kristin Davis was a regular on Melrose Place as Amanda's conniving secretary. Cut Amanda's throat a couple of times. Probably Kristin Davis as she thinks she's too good in many ways.

Not Rumor. Why do people think it's her? First off, I'm sure everyone knows who she is, even if you and I don't. Peaches Geldof sure sounds idiot enough to say that.

Masterson/Phillips sounds like a right-on guess.


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