Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jerry Springer Producer Does A Jerry Springer

You would think it must be incredibly difficult to be fired from The Jerry Springer Show. I mean what could you do that hasn't already been done in front of everyone and national television and honestly, it has all been done a second time. Naked. Well, the Executive Producer of the show was fired yesterday because he couldn't control his anger. Hear that Baldwin?

Richard Dominick who is also the Executive Producer of Steve The Bodyguard's show had been warned previously by NBC/Universal that he was a little to violent and needed to calm down his angry ways. Instead of doing so, he decided to start taking out his anger issues on the guests. Dominick was fired after he engaged in a "physical confrontation" (read fight) with a guest and put the guest in a choke hold.

See, now if he had done that as guest he would have been invited back and maybe even made the best of Springer which is a wonderful alternative to infomercials at 3am. But, because he actually worked on the show, they canned him. I'm sure all he was doing was trying to get the guest ticked off so he would hit the prostitute who is his mother and his girlfriend and is carrying his brother's baby.


Mooshki said...

Wait, he didn't get promoted? What is this world coming to?

bionic bunny! said...

is jerry still on the air?