Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dave Grills Anne - But Not Like It Sounds

Last night David Letterman had his shot with Anne Hathaway. He grilled her. Not grill as in actually oiling her up and cooking her, because lets face it that would be wrong. How wrong? Look, I am not going to judge you if that is what you are saying. Do you what you will. I'm just thinking that if you are going to do something like that, then perhaps someone as bony and stringy as Anne Hathaway is not going to be your first choice.

Anyway, one thing I really like about Dave is that he is not afraid to make a guest uncomfortable and not afraid to ask some tough questions and make snide remarks at their expense. For the most part he really doesn't seem to care who he pisses off or if they ever come back. Yes, he has favorites, but he wouldn't be human if he didn't, and it still doesn't keep him from throwing the occasional difficult question to even his friends.

Last night he kept asking Anne about her ex-boyfriend and she gave some answers that were completely contradictory to things she had said before, but appear to confirm almost exactly what Vanity Fair reported. Anne in the clip below is playing games with words. I really encourage you if you have not done so yet, to read that Vanity Fair article. Just click on the labels below and you will find it. It will make you think twice about believing anything she says about anything.

If you have ten minutes to kill today, sit back and watch the interview from last night. Oh, and to Worldwide Pants. Thanks for not being asses about your stuff on YouTube.


Mooshki said...

Ugh, that first paragraph reminds me of some god-awful porn fic I stumbled across. I'll never get that out of my brain.

"Oh, and to Worldwide Pants. Thanks for not being asses about your stuff on YouTube."


Ms. said...

clicked on the labels, but did not find a link to the Vanity Fair article. How about posting the link?

Ms. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Cool said...

ms. -

The link is hidden there. Here it is:

Marisa said...

Never thought I'd say this and I know I sound like a big loser, but that clip totally makes me want to be friends with her. She's adorable.

Ms. said...

I haven't watched the clip yet, but the article barely mentions Anne.

Could someone enlighten me as to the contradictions?

kimi said...

Its funny when he asked her how long she smoked for 5-10 years and she said, o god no, like I started at 7. She is 26 years old. She acted like it was unfathomable for someone as young as her to have smoked for 5-10 years. Ya, she is a phony. She likes women so she lies about her sexuality too. Just like politicians, always worried how they will be perceived.

Ms Cool said...

Wow - that is one bizarre story. I wasn't able to garnish much about Anne's involvement. It seems to me that she was snowed by this guy and willing to overlook or be in denial about his honesty. To be fair, she is still pretty young and this was only her second relationship according to the article.

Mooshki said...

Anne had the benefit of the Disney White Wash Machine during the Princess Diaries days, and she learned very well from them. I lump her in with Kate Beckinsale and Elizabeth Hurley - drop-dead gorgeous, charismatic and charming, but pure bitch on the inside.

not on my dollar said...

They dated for four years which means she was about 21-25 during the time. If she "didn't know about it" then she's either very stupid or intentionally ignorant.

I believe she knew and yes if you read the Vanity Vair article she definitely set him up. The question is would it be okay to tell the public that she turned in her boyfriend?

I also wonder why Donald Trump wa so angry with her for turning in the boyfriend?

What does Donald have to do with this situation?

kimi said...

Donald Tump just thinks he should way in on every situation. He is the king of righteousness.

Ms. said...

If my boyfriend or family member was a thief or con artist, I'd turn them in -- after I gave them an opportunity to rectify their crime by repaying the victims (in full). But if they did it again... game over.

Why would I protect an immoral person who steals from others? If I knew about it and did nothing, I'm just as guilty.

Good on her for turning him in. And if she did cover up for him, she's just as bad as he is.

Brenda22 said...

I just don't get how she didn't know anything. Like when the article mentions him agreeing to pay 3,000 a night a house they stayed at, but then saying they were guests and shouldn't pay, she supported him. And she's on the Board of the founation supposedly vacinating children...doesn't she notice that there's no money? no children getting vacinated? She never questioned where the money for the private jets was coming from? It all just seems fishy to me.

mialou said...

From all accounts, he was her first serious relationship. Most of us had those in high school or college, and god knows I ignored A LOT with my first boyfriend. Anne is in the public eye, a little older and yet was in the same type of "I love him no matter what he does" relationship that is usually over by now. I would cut her some slack. (Although Enty seems to really dislike her, so I'm not quite sure what he knows)


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