Tuesday, September 30, 2008

He Saved The World

I'm guessing that most of you saw the story yesterday about Jack Osbourne and the mugger. If you didn't, it goes like this. Jack saw a man grabbing a woman's purse off her arm. In addition to Jack, four other people went after the thief and tackled him to the ground where they held him until the cops came.

Now, as each blog and newspaper printed the story, it became more and more exaggerated to the point where it will shortly be that Jack a suicide bomber, raced over, risking his life and in the process saving the city of London or something.

The latest version from News Of The World calls Jack a "daredevil" "hero." Jack, "chased" "wrestled" and "pinned" the thief. Apparently Jack also has world record speed and Jack ran after the mugger like a man possessed. In this latest retelling of the story Jack did all the dangerous stuff himself and only after the thief was down and pinned was anyone brave enough to come help him. While that is really nice and they should probably get the International Kneepads Award, it completely contradicts the official police version of events. In fact, it was actually a London ambulance driver who first tackled the thief to the ground, but then of course if someone admitted that, then Jack's speed would not be world record speed, would not be quite the hero or whatever else.


SHE SHE said...

Well at least he didn't act like a giant pussy and run the other way! He can't help it if the fricken' tabloids and rags can't be competent in their journalism. He's damned if he did and damned if he didn't, which really sucks.

stiffkittens said...

With all the weapons and gangs supposedly in London/England, its actually quite a bit more braver than just jumping on someones back. Kudos to the ambulance man and those who helped.

Molly said...

that was really nice of him to get involved. i guess it's sort of like playing telephone. everything gets changed or blown out of proportion.

liveunderarock said...

This is sort of OT. Jack has beautiful eyes. I never noticed until I saw this photo.

Kara said...

I agree with everyone else. At least he didn't just stare and watch it happen to that woman. Though it would be really nice if the tabloids paid as much attention to the other people that helped as they did to Jack. But I guess oridnary kindness just isn't newsworthy.

ms_wonderland said...

Jack just started a new series of Adrenaline Junkie over here. First show was with Elijah Wood in Africa, and both these little dudes have balls of steel. Great fun to watch.

The NOTW is a typical British tab, bigging up a celeb. At least Jack went to help.

jax said...

i love jack..kudos for getting involved.

ms_wonderland said...

Enty - go look at the pics of Emma Thompson at a prem in London last night. Love that woman.

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Good on ya Jack! I'm sure your parents are proud. Hey Ent I just noticed your new facebook pic.

nunaurbiz said...

Sorry, here's a rant:

I am SOOOO tired of the word "hero" being tossed around. It's really lost its true meaning.

Just because you do something decent for someone else, doesn't mean you're a hero.

I do have lots of respect for soldiers, teachers, firefighters, cops, etc., etc., etc., but they are all NOT heroes!!!!!

And I know lots of soliders, teachers, firefighters, cops, etc., who agree.

It's cool Jack helped out with the victim. It's cool the rest of them did, too.

But none of them are heroes.


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