Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Photos Part One

So when Elizabeth Hasselback leaves The View, do you think Caroline Rhea or Tatum O'Neal has a shot? Yeah, me either. I think they will give to Vanessa Lemon Jello.
"Come on kids, you must know the words. Copa, Copa-cabana."
Benjamin McKenize on the set of his new show.
Glad to see DJ AM up and about. This was at the memorial service for one of the people killed in the crash.
At some point there is going to be a time in Ed Asner's life when the hair above his eyes exceeds the hair on the rest of his body combined.
I think this is the first time for Jason Donavan to be in the photos.

So, since the US seems to cope every British idea does this mean The Hills are going to get their own perfume.
I wonder if David Spade ever got to handcuff Heather Locklear.
It is hard to believe it has been six years since these two got married. During that period I could make it through two, maybe three wives.
I think I like the new look of Geri Halliwell. Maybe.
Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T on the set of Law And Order - SVU

This seems to be one of the most popular photos on the internet today. Leo and Kate together again.
Hey what about the poor people standing out in the rain? How about getting some umbrella holders for them. What makes Kelly Brook more special?
Been awhile since Julia Louis Dreyfus has been in the photos. She looks as if she has not aged in like ten years.
Tranny or Jennifer Lopez?
Ron Wood and the reason he will be about $50M poorer and the reason he will be on tour until the end of his life.

Always highly requested by you is Robin Thicke.
Olivia Newton-John - Sydney
I'm guessing that Nick Jonas' bodyguard weighs more than Nick. The car looks like a toy.
Mandy Moore out and about and apparently not too pleased to be photographed.


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I think the car (Jonas pic) is a Shelby.... which means it ain't no toy....

Also, I vote "tranny".

CDAN Mod said...

hope robin thicke gets a hold on his coke addiction.

ElsieFire said...

Barry, lay off the surgery already, you're scaring them thar kids!

Uhm, Tranny for $100 Alex. Er, Enty.

mooshki said...

Benjamin McKenzie is such a cutie. He and Amy Adams were great in Junebug.

I'm so glad DJ AM wasn't burned as badly as I thought, but from another pic I saw, damn does that burn look painful.

JLD probably bought the best plastic surgeon in the world. ;)

Tranny, definitely.

I can't imagine that poor guy climbing in and out of that car.

Molly said...

q.s., egads, he's a cokehead, too?

love julia louis dreyfus! somebody here posted something a while back i didn't know, but i researched it and it's true. she's an heiress and didn't have to work a day in her life, but she did. hear that paris hilton?

is the ron wood thing the answer to a blind?

and is e.h. leaving the view? not that i watch it, but i've heard barbara walters has gotten tired of her drama queen antics.

stiffkittens said...

JLo looks like she has a rock of coke up her nose. Its probably her clown makeup though.

CDAN Mod said...


i have an acquaintance who's in the music field and was told he has a bad coke addiction.

kimi said...

The view is going to suck without Hassleback, even if she annoys you, you just never know what is going to happen. It will be boring if they just all sit around and agree.

Carte Blanche said...

Pretty sure it was Mandy who was missing Fashion Week because of rehab. She wasn't seen for a good month following her appearance at that UFC match. And, she's been to every other fashion week for years.

Love Ben MacKenzie. Good to see him smile!

JLo looks harsh! Quit the open-mouthed look...its worse with red lipstick. Bah!

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Is Elizabeth finally leaving The View? I hope so. Can't stand that chick. She's an idiot.

Barry's looking like a blonde version of skeletor

Gavin & Gwen are just a handsome/hip/cool couple.

Awww, Leo and Kate do make a lovely couple.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks great and was so funny on Letterman last night.

Tranny or J Lo? TRANNY I'm tired of her arse.

Ron Wood is 61 & his play thing is 20 just too GROSS to visualize. His wife Jo deserves that $50M

Molly said...

q.s., thnx for the scoop. must be nice to get inside info.

punki, i just looked and see elizabeth feels like she gets picked on so she may leave the view.

kimi, i see your point. i guess ratings were very high when rosie and the others would get into battles. nothing like a good cat fight to get you going in the morning.

ms snarky said...

take a good look at that Jonas car - the front wheels are bending inward from the weight! or else I don't know how wheels work .......

Unknown said...

I love how Ed Asner's tie looks like it's covered in tiny little stylized pot leaves! And yeah, those eyebrows are looking a little helter skelter.

Oh poor heather! Man that would suck to have a photo of yourself being cuffed all over the internet...

Um, J-lo needs to drop the sexified look, she just can't pull it off, especially with clown makeup on...

kimi said...

I agree, Jlo needs to stop that expression. Its like it is frozen on her face that she is terrified/pissed.

jax said...

tranny or J-lo?

ONJ just turned 60, we are fucking old.

Thicke is where its at.

geri looks great.

gavin n gwen..tranny love lasts forever.

damn! jason donavan looks like shite. dreamcoat my ass.

what do sigfreid, roy and Manilow have in common? same plastic surgeon. they all look like fuckin fraggles. STOP.

forget Lemonjello, they need to hire Ann Coulter and watch the fur fly!

califblondy said...

The Palm Springs Smooth Jazz radio station was making a big hoopla about Barry donating musical instruments to local school kids. Poor old guy needs to stay away from the plastic surgery.

Robin has a coke prob?? Waaaah, that makes me sad. I love him.

J.Lo's squinty eyed come hither expression is hilarious. Who knew red lipstick could be so hideous?

Anonymous said...

For some reason I love how Geri looks.

jenna said...

what tv show is ben mckenzie working on? imdb doesn't list anything...

Carte Blanche said...


I think its called LAPD.

OK - its past 6 here in Toronto. I'm needing some Blind Items. Stat!

Carte Blanche said...

please enty!

mooshki said...

Jenna, yep, it's a pilot for a new show called "LAPD."

Molly said...

off topic -

does anyone watch dances with the stars? cuz this is gonna make me cry...


bionic bunny! said...

dave, it looks like a shelby, but the suspension should be better. it IS a cobra, but like i say, the susp....

barry's not a young man. and he DOES write the songs. i've seen him in concert several times, and he does put on a helluva show. granted, it's been a long time, but i'd see him again, given the chance.
oh, and only at the greek, with good seats. you'd have to live here to get that one, i guess.

califblondy said...

I watch and can't open dlisted from my current location. What's going on Molly? Please don't tell me something happened to Maks!

Molly said...

califblondy, yes. something really bad has happened to maks. he's in several pix holding hands with cheryl. cheryl!!!! that's my maks!!! (tho i'll share with you califblondy, if you want)


califblondy said...

He's just trying to make us jealous, no way is he with her.

No, no, no, I don't, I won't believe it.

I like Cheryl as a dancer, but she'd better stay the hell away from my, uh, I mean, OUR man!

Molly said...

i was wondering why he's been so nice lately. bastard!!!

you're in ca. do something!! we can't let him hook up with that shrew who screwed drew.*

*no proof of that, but it rhymed

califblondy said...

Fingers in ears, hands over eyes....

nanananabooboo, I can't hear you.

Did the shrew screw Drew and the Lawrence brother too?

I might have to fire up the bitchmobile and head to L.A. If you hear Cheryl screaming like a little baby next Monday night, you'll know that's me kicking her ass.

Molly said...

yes! she screwed drew and the lawrence brother, too.

it seems like every season she screws somebody new.

this year she has her slutty claws in our guy, maks.

i'll fly out and join you in kicking her ass.

ok, that last part didn't rhyme as well, but i'm no poet.

the *bitchmobile*. lmao!!!!!

califblondy said...

I might need a good lawyer when I get to L.A., anybody know one? ;)

I wonder what's the bail for assault by stiletto?

West End Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
West End Girl said...

Benjamin Mckenzie?!? In a police uniform? Whilst I've had a drink or two? Sweet Jesus, I need a lie down now.


Apparently there are other people in the pics but can't see them now.


Molly said...

i think we can get away with it if we prove death by sparkle overdose. you saw her last night, right? it could work.

oh pls god, pls. i'll let cheryl have him for the season and won't whine (too much) if you'll pls vote off kim kardashian tonight. pls god????

GladysKravitz said...

I think Sarah Palin should join The View after she loses the election. That will be good for both catfights and laughs.

Stacy said...

Who the hell is requesting Robin Thicke?

Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

So, I've always had this contempt for Barry Manilow. I never knew why until:
Well, I'm adopted. I met my biological mom and she told me about the night I was born. She went into labor at like 8:30, there was a Barry Manilow concert on tv, and my uncle was OBSESSED with him.
Well, he made her wait until it was over to take her to the hospital (i was like...it was 1980, wasn't there 911 yet? lol) and I was born about 8 minutes later.

It has nothing to do with his music for me, I think I can only name one song by him. Probably not.

califblondy said...

Molly, I finally checked it out. I'm still not buying it, the pros and stars go out alot after the shows.

I think the shrew has no new boo to screw and Maks was just being a gentleman.

Molly said...

phewww....we can sleep tonight with maks on our minds.

i forfeited my right to complain anyways. god granted my wish and booted the big ass off the show. yay...no more dances with the 'ho's.

Jerry said...

Geebus! Gwen Stefani has done growed herself some chesticles!

a nanny mouse said...

I like Ben McKenzie too. I am actually DVR'ing all of the O.C. since it started from the beginning on the Soap Channel, am kinda liking it, and if Mischa could actually act her way out of a paper bag it wouldn't be a bad show at all IMO

lyz said...

Molly and Califblondy, who is Ekaterina married to? I can never remember...

mooshki said...

There are a ton more pics of Ryan McKenzie here.

a nanny mouse said...

Mooshki - thanks for the link

Molly said...

lyz, hope you come back -

i don't know of anyone w that name but the married couple on the show are

edyta sliwinska

who is married to

alec mazzo

alec currently dances with toni braxton.

The Adventures of... said...

Thicke is delicious.

Quintessential Southerner- is he another coke head? Just say no Robin!

slappywhyte said...

Kelly Brook can make the whole population of Africa stand in a blizzard as far as i'm concerned

She can do whatever she wants ... especially after Showtime aired Paradise Island (or whatever it was called) approx 500 times a couple months ago.

slappy whyte

slappywhyte said...

oh and JLD always looks great, so hot -- and Mandy Moore is prob pissed because her friends died and were maimed in the plane crash


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