Friday, October 03, 2008

Random Photos Part One

No special reason for Bradley Cooper to be on top. There just was no one really special today and no photo that really stood out, so Bradley gets the top spot. Will probably be the only time unless he does something really spectacular.
Beyonce - Hamilton, Bermuda
I thought about putting Carla Gugino on the top just because I have never really seen her in casual clothes, but she has been in the photos so much lately that I figured it would be going overboard.
Frank Black - Sydney

Eve - New York
Elizabeth Banks had never been in the photos before this week and now its twice. She is just lucky that there were no solo photos of Jenna Fischer.
Coldplay - Amsterdam
Cypress Hill - New York
I actually think this is the first time Hill Harper has been in the photos. Glad to correct that slight.

See? Two days in a row with the whole head covered thing. It is going to be a trend. Want to bet?
Britney yesterday.
I was going to make fun of this outfit until I realized Kanye probably already has the entire thing including the backpack.
Ummm. I don't mean to be rude, but with that thing on your head, getting in and out of the car is going to be difficult. And please don't let me see you driving with it on either.

Look. I like Michael Cera as much as the next person, but doesn't it seem like he only plays one role after the other that are exactly the same? Now, with that said, go make me an Arrested Development film. I want one every other year until I die.

Have not seen Kathy Najimy around at anything in awhile. Great to see her.
Wow. With that beard, Jason Ritter looks just like his dad.
The interesting couple of the day award goes to Jason Lewis and Jennifer Siebel. I didn't see her husband in any of the photos, but since they just got married, I'm assuming all is cool on the homefront. I mean I think most of you would probably take your photo with Jason as well, so this is not like a shocker or anything.
Hugh Jackman on the set of a new photoshoot.

Sugababes - London

Rachael Ray does not have throat cancer. Yes, she is going to have surgery on her vocal cords, and yes, she will have to not talk for a few weeks, but it is nothing serious. So, since she is going to be ok, is it ok to be happy she is going to have to be quiet for two weeks? Do you think her husband is happy about that?
Swear when I first looked at the photo quickly I thought Ricki Lake was Shannen Doherty.
Naughty By Nature - New York
Mos Def, Chuck D and Flavor Flav - New York

I would have to say that Tim Daly is probably aging better than anyone in Hollywood right now.

The Automatic - Manchester
"Says here, that bloodletting is making a comeback."
Lisa Ann is your Sarah Palin porn look-a-like. Should be an interesting film.
It's fake excitement, but it is Samuel L Jackson so I will give him a break. Do you think he ever gets tired of wearing those hats though?

Zoe Kravitz at fashion week in Paris.

Wendie Malick is going to be 58 in two months. Pretty damn impressive.
One of the nicest guys on the planet is Wayne Knight.
The Ting Tings - Manchester, UK
I just like the goofiness of Matthew Perry here. The deer in the headlights thing on Hilfiger is nice too. Maybe Matt is groping him.


Molly said...

much better pic of tim daly, enty - thanky!!!

sarah palin look alike? no.

Swear when I first looked at the photo quickly I thought Ricki Lake was Shannen Doherty.

i thought it was molly shannon. must be a shannon thing.

Emobacca said...

Does ENTY have beef with Elizabeth Banks?

Anonymous said...

So many hot men, thanks enty. Just what I need to prep me for FFF.

Bradley Cooper, Tim Daly, Hill Harper, Jason Ritter (channeling Josh Holloway from LOST), Jason Lewis (who appears to have lost that Japanese coke bloat from last month), and Hugh Jackman in a tight suit.... mmmm.

I love Wendie Malick, why did her star never rise?

mooshki said...

Enty, you seem to be especially into the photos where people are really happy lately. :) (Re: Bradley Cooper)

Damn, I shouldn't have cut off all my hair - I used to be able to do a great Cousin It.

Did you hear that Michael Cera said there was no need for an AD film? I wanted to track him down and smack some sense into him. AARGH!!!

I think the entire world is happy Rachael won't be able to talk.

That's Rick Lake? Really? Holy cow!

Mos Def!!!

lutefisk said...

It is still hard to believe John Ritter is gone. I am glad to see his family turned out well.
Ricki Lake looks AMAZING!

a nanny mouse said...

I thought Jason Ritter looked a lot like Josh Brolin there
and at a glance I thought Ricki Lake was Courteney Cox

Sinjin said...

LOL, that model's head looks like a crumpled Post-It! (*falls on the floor from giggling*)

AprilinParis said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha at the KanyƩ West comment - SO TRUE! He, he, he, he.

Wendy Malick looks terrific!

Me loves Arrested Development. But Michael Cera reminds me of a younger version of this guy I used to crush on who had this whole aw shucks vibe goin' on but who was in fact a scoundrel!

Still chuckling about the KanyƩ outfit.

mooshki said...

April, from everything I've heard, Michael Cera IS his on-screen persona. He seems very sweet and modest in real life. (Although a dumbass for the above-mentioned reason.)

Unknown said...

Bradley Cooper can be on top anytime (of me)

Michael Cera! Drop your tude and do an Arrested Development movie immediately!!

Kat said...

Yup, I agree that Michael Cera basically shows up to be himself in most of his projects. I have liked most of it, though. The thing is, it will get old eventually, so he might want to expand a little and actually trying acting before his five minutes are done.

deity2 said...

hi everyone....I am apparently having a BIG problem w/ blogger....I have typed my comments 3x's now.....told me there was a double response to my entry ( oh, Enty, are you playing w/ me???) hahahahahah!
If it does post.... sorry for the triple post!

jax said...

marisa- i guess you're into dudes who beat their women..

where was i for that dope NYC hip hop show??? ya i said dope, deal with it.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Yeah, Mooshki, and MC also said that Arrested Development's real fans would agree with him that there's no need. Because it's not like I can click links any faster when there's a new rumour going around about the film.

What do you want us to do to prove ourselves, Michael?

Molly said...

deity, have you tried using a different browser? sometimes that helps.

mooshki said...

Deity, I get that all the time.

Molly said...

mooshki, have you tried using a different browser? sometimes that helps.

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Love the music/group pics Ent!

Frank Black - Cool. I never get sick of hearing "Here Comes Your Man."
Eve - Does she have a new CD in the works?
Viva Coldplay!
Cypress Hill - Insane in the membrane; Insane in the brain! Love it!

Kayne probably has the matching underwear too.

Hugh Jackman & Tim Daly - mmmeeeoooowwww

For the last time you will kiss my lips
SHUT UP and let me go........I love The Ting Tings

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Haute Couture is fucking stupid. Not to be a big ol' Communist, but sometimes I REALLY wish there were some sort of law against manufacturing shit that serves NO PRACTICAL PURPOSE whatsoFUCKINGever. It's just so, so, so obnoxious and unnecessary to put a BOW on a person's fucking HEAD.

Good God, I TOTALLY thought that was Courtney Cox! Rikki either looks awesome or Courtney's just been looking like shit to me lately.

Jason Ritter is hot. And Hugh Jackman hasn't looked THAT good to me in a long, long time.

califblondy said...

I thought Rikki was Courtney too.

AlishaK said...

So glad to see Frank Black in the photos!

Jasmine said...

i know someone who used to sell to matthew perry and mos def (coke that is)
they arent a friend, i just know them threw people i work with.
anyway, rikki looks great, and jason ritter is fiiiinnnnneeeee.

Jerry said...

I thought about putting Carla Gugino on the top...

Funny. I've had that same thought many, many times.

shakey said...

So is Matthew Perry really one of the players Ent spent his Awesome European Weekend Road Trip with?

Cute Little Redhead said...

LOVE John Ritter. Miss him so much! His son does look so much like him in the face, especially.

Why does John Ritter go and some of the scuzziest Hollywood people seem to live forever? Doesn't seem fair.

Cute Little Redhead said...

Jax...that's a little harsh on Marisa. When we say we'd "do" someone in Hollywood or wherever
...I think it's plainly understood that we just mean "as we know them in the Hollywood way".

Meaning it's not really possible to want them in the way you would if you really knew someone. It's a visceral reaction to their physical hotness or a movie or tv role they played.

We don't really "know" any of these people....thus wanting to jump their bones is easy to think about.

I'm not getting on you...I'm just sayin'.

Dead Angel said...

Jennifer Siebel is an interesting one. I bet less than 5% of the readers even know who she is, maybe less than 1% actually. Daddy issues galore, and a possible future 1st lady of the state. Boinked Clooney too!

Molly said...

Why does John Ritter go and some of the scuzziest Hollywood people seem to live forever?

same reason it happens outside of hollywood. god doesn't want the assholes.

Unknown said...

Yay. LOVE the Ting Tings. However, the pic of The Sugarbabes is very unflattering. Their legs look like massive tree trunks!


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