Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now He Actually Does Work For Her

Nick Cannon must either be having a difficult time finding a job or he just likes being under Mariah Carey's thumb because honestly it already looks like he works for her and with this latest job, he actually does. Now, I will say that Nick has actually directed things before so it is not like he is not qualified to direct Mariah's new video, but why on earth would he want to?

Can you imagine trying to tell Mariah what to do and then having to go home with her at the end of the night to finish your nightly chores. The reason she picked him was obviously to give him some work as a director and so he didn't wander around Las Vegas by himself while she was shooting. I'm actually surprised she respects him enough to let him direct. I would have thought she would have just got him a job as a production assistant. It is after all what she has him doing at home. The only difference is she doesn't have to pay him, although I bet he has the opportunity to earn bonuses like free time in front of the television or one day without scraping her corns.

Notice also that in the casting call they are looking for someone to be the leading man. Guess Nick wasn't qualified for that or she already needs someone else. Who knows? All I know is that this just looks more and more like Nick is Mariah's play thing and when she gets bored, Nick will be saying bye bye.


CDAN Mod said...

nicky poo should have some money from his mtv show. at least he's earning his money here.

at the end of the day, he's no different than a woman who marries for status or what have you.

if the spouses know and don't care, then more power to 'em.

*girl said...

I love when companies have @gmail addresses. Seriously, spend the extra $20 and get your domain name email hosted.

West End Girl said...

But isn't that what he signed up for? Kinda like Salma and that French loaded fella?

Still, at least he's doing something unlike that douche K-Fed when he and the mental were together.

MontanaMarriott said...

If he were smart, he'd poke a hole in the coondom (if they are even having sex)get her knocked up and seal his stake in her fortune forever!

PunkiMeowMeow said...

He probably spent all his MTV money on her engagement ring along with the his and her tattoo's. I think montanamarriott is right - knock her up quick!


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