Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just Pay The Bill Oprah

Last month I had a post about how Oprah's mom is a clothes buying machine and I guess she was under the impression that because she is the daughter of Oprah that she really didn't need money for anything. I mean Oprah is the Empress of the world so why should her mother have to worry about trivial things like money when it comes to clothes. See, it is only about clothes and things like that. Grocery stores don't take that kind of crap. I don't care if you are Barbra Streisand and haven't paid for clothes, a car, or anything in 20 years, if you want a gallon of milk, you are paying. Now that I think about it though I wouldn't put it past Barbra that she made a deal with every company of every product she enjoys in a grocery store to have them ship her a years supply of it just so she wouldn't have to pay for anything.

Anyway, Oprah's mom is an idiot. This is what I hate about this kind of crap. She opened an account with the store. She signed an agreement to pay it back. She then bought $150,000 in clothes. What did she think she was signing? She claims that she didn't know what she was signing and that she didn't realize she was opening a charge account. Umm, they took you to court before for the same thing. I think you would have caught on by the second time that this was a charge account. If you didn't, then maybe you shouldn't be going outside the home, and instead should sit on your couch, drooling and watching "your shows."

Of course also all this does is make Oprah look ridiculous since she can make it all go away by either giving her mom the money, buying the store and making it one big Christmas present to mom, or simply call upon her powers as Empress and have everyone involved shot.


CDAN Mod said...

as i stated before, oprah's mom was not instrumental in her life. when she was with her mom, the mother allowed the person they lived with to verbally and emotionally abuse her.

it's o's call. sometimes when you pay for family debt, they never learn and continue to get into more trouble.

it's mom's credit and not oprah's.

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Her mom is piece of work. Playing dumb so that she doesn't have to pay. That's b*ll sh*t. Who knows how many times the big "O" has had to bail her mother out of money situations? There's always one pain-in-the-ass per family - even Oprah's.

Paisley said...

I'm sure Oprah has given her mother a bunch of money/house/cars over the years. And I'm just as certain that her mother always wants more.

Oprah's mom bought the clothes and she can figure out how to pay for them.

notachance said...

Maybe Oprah is using a little "tough love" on mom this time.... sounds like she needs it.

$150k?? The store is stupid for giving that line of credit in the first place. They shouldn't abandon their credit rules just because of who someone is related to (or is she able to repay and won't?)

Anonymous said...

any store that would give O's mother an account with $150k in credit deserves what they get. hopefully they did a credit report and review prior to assigning the credit limit and felt she had sufficient income to pay the debt. if they expected oprah to be responsible for the bill, she should have been a co-signer on the account. as Paisley says, this is O's mom's debt, not O's. The store was not responsible in extending that kind of credit and O's mom was not responsible in spending more than she could pay. At the end of the day, she should be held accountable for the debt. O should not be responsible for bailing her out, otherwise, she'll continue spending and expect O to take care of it.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

How can you blow 150k on clothes? Jeez, I'd make the lamest celebrity. I don't care how rich someone is, I couldn't justify that much cash on clothes.

It does sound like Oprah is putting her foot down on Mama by not paying the bill. It's unfortunate that it gives her bad press when it's her mom that screwed up. Just because Oprah is a billionaire, it doesn't give her family the right to do as they please with her money. You know she supports her with a place to live and the expenses to run said place. I guess that isn't good enough. The shame of it all is that she can't tell her greedy relatives to go blow without one (or all) of them going to the press saying what a cold hearted bitch Oprah is for not helping them out. What a pain in the ass it must be to have everyone around you with their hand out. "It's not like you can't afford it, Oprah!" So what. Get a job.

mooshki said...

Right on, Cali Girl!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard that they were close... more like Queen Oprah has grown past the setback that was her family. Her mom looks like a douche for this, though, and she should be held responsible.

sandman said...

nice chapeau

jax said...

close or not..this whole thing would go away is she just paid the fuckin thing and be done with it.
its your damn mother, she gave you life that has given you riches beyond your wildest dreams,pay up or risk looking like a heartless biotch.

its not like her mom charged 150Gs worth of runners and ipods!

kimi said...

I think Oprah is letting this hit the press on purpose. Like punk said she probably has bailed her out many times and she probably gets herself in these situations by throwing her daughters name around. This is a big yell out to people that extend credit to her that Oprah will not be bailing her out. It must be embarrassing though.

lmnop123 said...

Oprah's mother was not very warm to her when Oprah was growing up. This sense of "entitlemment" just because you had sex, got pregnant and was forced to take care of the child you conceived is no excuse to expect that child to grow up and take care of you in anyway you deem fit.

It sounds like the store was also at fault for not doing a credit check if this woman has done this before. I bet they gave her a credit card because they felt Oprah would be good for it if she didn't pay. Maybe Oprah bailed her out last time so no one cares just as long as someone pays the bill.

Who knows? Maybe this is how it's done with the celebrities parents.

If the mother didn't learn before and Oprah pays the bill why wouldn't she open another card and continue to say "I didn't know that I was getting a charge card" again?

So hold her accountable for her own signature and purchases and I bet "next time' she'll know what the hell she's doing.

lmnop123 said...
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Unknown said...

jax, for once I don't agree with you; paying the bill will not make the problem go away. Paying the bill sends the message that payment will always be made in the future.

Although Oprah is not my favorite person, I agree that she should not pay this bill; she's probably had to bail her out of trouble already many times.

Molly said...

jax, this may be the fifteenth time mom has done this. not that oprah can't afford it, but she's taking advantage.

blah, i have some really nice clothes, but i could live 'til i'm 90 and never spend that in a lifetime of shopping.

what a dumb shit - where was this woman going that she'd even wear these threads?

nicola said...

Clearly the store expected Oprah to pay. $150,000 in credit? Even Amex demands a payment in 30 days.

This woman should be grateful that Oprah is her daughter and not me. If I told my mother that some man was sexually abusing me, and 40 years later, she still had that abuser in her life, she’d be back cleaning houses not running up credit in clothing stores.

Oprah needs to give that $150k to her “kids” in Africa, or adopt one in Canada (me) ‘cause I suspect her “girls” are living better than me.

jax said...

ya but who cares? Oprah has squillions, its your blood.

you mean to tell me if the same thing happend to your elderyl parent you 'd just say "tough shit, i have the money but you need to learn a lesson at what 70-80 years old?"

you are talking like she's a teenager, shes not shes an old women who will be dead in 10 years probably, this is pocket change!
wow its chilly in

Ms. said...

I agree that Oprah should let her twist in the wind. The article states that this is the SECOND time the mother is in trouble with the SAME STORE. Last time there was a lawsuit and settlement. Perhaps Oprah bailed her out.

Given the history with this one store, it's reasonable to speculate that there are other stores where good ol' Mom has run up big bills.

No, Jax, Mom is not a teenager. However, she is behaving very disrespectfully if she keeps expecting her daughter to continually bail her out of stupid messes. This isn't a case of Mom not having a decent place to live etc.

Oprah isn't a bank. I have no doubt that she's provided well for her Mom. But Mom is abusing this arrangement.

I suspect that this incident is one of many and it is the straw that broke the camel's back.

Molly said...

a relative that gave you birth, but threw you under the bus for x number of years, you have very very little to do with, but she uses you to spend big bucks on shit she'll never wear? this could go on for another 20 or 30 years, and we really don't know how long it's been going on in the first place. why enable her? she's already enjoyed the gravy train long enough.

mooshki said...

Jax, with what Oprah went through growing up, and the part her mom played in it, I think she's lucky not to have been cut out of her life completely. Oprah probably needs to keep solid boundaries with her mom for her own mental health. Of course, I'd be even more on Oprah's side if she gave a bigger portion of her bucks to charity. She doesn't do nearly as much as she could.

joo said...

The interesting thing is that Oprah's mom's lawyer is based in Chicago. Oprah's mom lives in Milwaukee. Most people hire lawyers who do business in the same city they live in. Where does Oprah live? Chicago. Looks like Oprah is willing to pay a lawyer to claim that the store doesn't deserve to get paid since they extended credit irresponsibly, but is not willing to pay the bill herself.


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