Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Today is a day for friends. So, my friend gets the very top spot. Amber, I also want you to know that it took me nine months of searching, but I finally found you a Christmas gift to top last year.

Alanis Morissette - Atlantic City
You can tell that Ellen has a great deal of love for Portia. That is really all that matters in life isn't it? You know on their trip to Italy, they each have the means to go on their own, but no matter if you go with your friends or just meet people along the way, it just seems to me that if you go with someone you love, and want to be with forever, then 30 years down the road you have someone to reminisce with about the trip. If you go alone, or with a friend, there is a good chance the only thing you are going to be doing is looking at photos and having silent memories.

Cheap Trick - Mountain View, CA
Band Of Horses - Austin
Ben E King - New York
It has been awhile since I had Amy Smart in the photos. She hasn't been going out as much.
Jennie Garth looks interesting. I kind of feel that if you put a dark wig on her she would look just like Marlo Thomas in That Girl.

The Stony Awards. Well you knew James Franco was going to be there. The Gary Cole thing I didn't expect, but then again, I am not privy to the High Times mailing list.
James Cromwell makes his first appearance in the photos. I was going to make a pig joke, but it would have been kind of cliche.
Jim Carrey and The Zooey on the set of their new film. I always want to call her The Zooey. Just seems appropriate. It probably isn't, but hey, it is my blog.
Have not seen Emma Thompson in awhile. I love seeing photos of people you have not seen in six months or a year because you can see how they have changed.

A rare photo of Katy Perry with her boyfriend Travis McCoy. They were in Paris for Fashion Week. I'm actually having a love/hate relationship with Paris right now. No, not Paris Hilton, that would just be hate/hate.

Julia Stiles discovers multiple uses for a weight belt.
Journey - Mountain View, CA
Jenny McCarthy proves she is a multi-tasker.
The look on Janet's face shows me she has not gotten over Jermaine Dupri puking in her lap. Either that or she finally saw herself in the mirror and asked herself why the f**k she was wearing this outfit.
So, how long do you think it will take before a story about Michelle Williams will not mention Heath Ledger in the first sentence?

Wow. Meshach Taylor. Now that is a blast from the past.
Love this photo of Melissa Joan Hart. Probably my favorite of the day.
I like how Matt Damon can get his tie to point in different directions.
Kyra Sedgewick looks amazing.

As does Rachel McAdams.

Had to put this in. Pink smiling is pretty damn rare.
Paul Feig always cracks me up. Have to get this book.
Olivia Wilde just because she is nice. Always has been.
Madeline Zima seems to be a bit embarrassed by her Stony. Now, as for the name Madeline, I have had lengthy discussions with people who are convinced that the only way to go is the French spelling of the name so it is Madeleine. But apparently you still pronounce it the same? Or is one lin and the other line?
A first time appearance for Taylor Sheridan, although I can't swear to it.

The Raconteurs - Austin
Kind of looks like Katie laid one on at dinner.
Well, wouldn't you if mom and ad and Tom were all eating with you. I would have been drunk before the menus were collected.
Steve Buscemi and his lovely wife Jo.


lutefisk said...

I think Tom must hae had Katie lobotomized at this point--that's my only explanation for that expression.

Molly said...

donna mills looks fabu at her age.

didn't enty write during the whole ellen dog fiasco that she wasn't going on air and crying over the dog but because her relationship with portia was over? make up your mind, enty.

ms snarky said...

seriously, didn't Melissa Joan Hart just have a baby? And wasn't she like 500 gazillion pounds? I have got to move to LA, where clearly the waters are magic and unwanted pounds just melt away. Unless this photo is old, from the last baby before this current one. If it's current, I'm going to have to start a serious working out / throwing up regimen.

Kristen S. said...

Hey Enty...any chance you could dig up some dirt on Pink's rumored new love of the Co$?

Pamela S. said...

Is Katie Holmes wearing an upside down cross???

ms snarky said...

p.s. Ent, I'm starting to deduce that your significant other / crush has left you for Paris. The city, not the skank. And you're lonely and being in Vegas really brought home how much you miss her. Or him. Whatever. I never said I was a good detective, just a snoopy one.

And now I have to figure out if Nicole Kidman is currently in Paris. hee.

Nichole Fisher said...

According to IMDB, Melissa's second child was born in March, which was 6 months ago. She's keeping a watch on a 2 year old and a 6 month old, that's a lot of running around. I can see her being in the shape she is in after 6 months.

Molly said...

ms snarky, i think you're on to something. enty put a blind item in the random photo's about why he's having a terrible day. it's because he was supposed to go to paris with this gf and she found out she had to pay her own way and backed out. ;-P

ms snarky said...

That's Donna Mills? with James Cromwell? seriously? and Ent didn't mention her? or am I blind and can't see which photo she's in? Help, Molly?

Molly said...

ms snarky, yea with james cromwell.

ms snarky said...

Nichole, thanks. I just saw a photo of her and she was still huge, didn't know she had the kid. looks fabulous, no matter what. Can you tell I need to lose 8 pounds and feeling fat?

Molly said...

maybe it's not her but someone that reminds me of her?

ms snarky said...

Molly - 'had to pay her own way' - heh. I'm totally chuckling.

califblondy said...

No, that's not Donna Mills with Cromwell.

Molly said...

no, after going back to look i see she doesn't look as good as donna mills.

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Ellen and Portia = LOVE

Cheap Trick & Journey in Mountain VIew, CA? Wow, that must have been a great show at the Shoreline. Rock on Arnel & Neal!

Julia Stiles must not have a stylist.

Janet Jackson looks constipated - wtf happened?

Kyra Sedgewick always looks great.

Great pic of Pink smiling. Love her current video!

Nice to see Steve Buscemi and the Mrs. out on the town.

CDAN Mod said...

nope, not constipation, but me thinks that miz jackson is not on her vegetarian diet. i think that she has snuck in some roscoe's chicken and waffles. :D

ms snarky said...

I wiki'd James Cromwell but couldn't find a SignOth - but I had no idea he was so edgy - he was on some commitee to defend the Black Panthers in the 60's! and he's a veggie turned ethical vegan! I have new respect for the Farmer Hoggett! also soon to play George Bush Sr in Olly Stone's new movie.

ms snarky said...

by the way, do you all think we can bribe Amber into giving away Enty's secret identity?

Amber? anything you need?

Molly said...

hey, it's always the older guys you hear little about who were the most edgy. look at peter boyle - he was a big war protestor with jane fonda and donald sutherland and john lennon was the best man at his wedding.

captivagrl said...

kyra's a bit too skinny. something is really wrong with katie - it's like tom is guiding his feeble old aunt. jennie garth looks great. janet looks like an asshole, sorry but she does.

mooshki said...

Enty, if you are having love troubles, you know you've got a line of gals willing to kiss it and make it better. :) And we'd happily rob a bank or two to finance the Paris trip.

Hi Amber, you look gorgeous! Now please grab David and head over to Enty's to cheer him up. Thanks!

Why did they make poor Zooey wear those horrible overalls? I like overalls, but those are very, very bad.

Ha, I was wondering why MJH had her baby at a red carpet event until I read the wall. :)


ms snarky said...

wow, crazy. I had no idea JC was such the man.

and speaking of crazy, the Dow's down almost 800 after the bailout got voted down. I know it's off topic, but I'm in the real estate industry, and we're doomed! (crossing my fingers!) eek!

West End Girl said...

Ovaries pingering ringing. Melissa's baby looks so adorable!

Seriously, isn't the contract up with Katiebot?

I love Emma Thompson and she doesn't whore herself out, just for publicity.

Is Katy Perry's 15mins not up yet?

Michelle Williams looks fab but unhappy with someone there.

selenakyle said...

Doncha mean "The Camel-Tooey?"

Pink's showing how far in she can get it.

Cheap Trick--one of the all-time greats.

selenakyle said...

ms. snarky,

Yeah, "eek" is right, sister!

Us too (RE), but we're scraping by and hangin' in there.

Thank Jah our market is resort-ish and people always want in regardless of economy, war, interest rates, gas, recession, bunions, zits.....

Anonymous said...

Kyra, wow! LOVE Amy Smart's shoes.


Pink gave a radio interview where she gave an emphatic NO to that rumor. And thank god!

surfer said...

I think the comment about Amy Smart (She hasn't been going out as much.) is a clue to a blind. Not sure which one, though.

mooshki said...

WEG, I'm sure Michelle hates being in the public eye even more than she did before, but at least she keeps doing her "duty" publicizing her movies. We know from CDAN that not all celebs are that conscientious. I don't know why she doesn't go into theater or something, she sure seems to hate the fame.

Na-na 'n La-la said...

I saw Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze at the Beck/MGMT/Spoon concert at the Hollywood Bowl two weeks ago and they looked like a happy, normal (tiny) couple.

jax said...

apparently Julia Stiles hasn't figured out the mulitple uses for MAKEUP either.

james franco- lay off the bong for a quick minute while they take some pics.

Melissa's kid is freakin adorable.

No there won't be for Michelle Willimas. but at least Heath replaced "Dawson's creek alumni"

mooshki said...

Hah, good point, Jax! DC would not be the best legacy to leave behind.

Anonymous said...

Meshach Taylor! Designing Women! Doesn't look like he's aging well.

Not sure if it's that outfit, but Emma's face looks puffy.

Portia looks very droopy in that photo.

selenakyle said...

I thought the same thing.

Maybe the blind about the actress who's a "kept woman" or something?

Molly said...

Meshach Taylor! Designing Women! Doesn't look like he's aging well.

dn, he's 61! i think he looks great for his age.

bionic bunny! said...

don't ya love it when the government shoots first and asks questions later?
we've got a house we have to sell (luckily with no mortgage on it), some ass has been telling us he was interested since april, but conveniently puts off calling. i don't know why it wasn't put on the market back then.
and now, who knows?

Anonymous said...

"A first time appearance for Taylor Sheridan, although I can't swear to it."

is this a blind... what was the one about the actor who made an ass of himself a while ago.

am i reading too much into this?

and, yes, pamela s (hi, that's my name, too) katie is wearing an upside-down cross. must be a scientology thing...

mooshki said...

Remember when Katie was first assimilated, Tom kept insisting that Scientology could go along with her Catholicism? I guess that went out the window.

Joanne said...

Surfer / SelenaKyle : I thought the same thing, the kept woman blind . . .

Unknown said...

yeah, Mooshki, and don't forget that Nicole Kidman is Catholic, too, but at least she was smart enough not to buy TC's crap about Scientology and Catholicism being compatible!

You know, Jenna Elfman said the same thing, too, and she believes it.

For as much as Nicole has been pushed around here, she knew enough not to get into it.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Emma Thompson looks glorious. I'm so happy for her! She's a radiant lady with such a creative output.

For some reason, Rachel McAdams can wear those barely-hued, diaphonous little dresses in pale, pale shades that would wash nearly anyone else out and it somehow looks awesome on her.

Michelle Williams looks really healthy in that photo. Like she's been spending contemplative days sunning herself on a friend's private beach. Nice!

Even Katy Perry looks sane! And beautiful! Her dress is like an upside down sundae with sprinkles on it or something. YYYYYUM.

And Ellen's obviously been making Portia eat some sandwiches! Yay!

WTF is up with today?

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Oh Quintessential Southerner - you slay me - LMAO!

Yup, you're right she had a bit too much Roscoe's!!!

surfer said...

selenakyle & joanne - it sounds kind of familiar, but I don't remember that whole blind.

DetroitRocker said...

Kate looks like she has been doing to many of those prescription drugs that deaden your brain to everyday life. Thank god that she gets driven around to all her appointments, not like Heather.

Amy Smart wtf the web says she has been engaged to her boyfriend for 13 years, actor Branden Williams. Honey if he hasn't said the word after all this time, it is time to move on.

Yep, I think it is a cover. She is the one that is told not to work a lot, and is a keeped woman, and it's not Branden Williams.

PollyPureBred said...

Kyra Sedgewick is my hero. I wish I could grow up to be like her. Maybe in the next life...

West End Girl said...

Mooshki said...
WEG, I'm sure Michelle hates being in the public eye even more than she did before, but at least she keeps doing her "duty" publicizing her movies. We know from CDAN that not all celebs are that conscientious. I don't know why she doesn't go into theater or something, she sure seems to hate the fame.


Agreed and she certainly doesn't need the money, does she?

I do think theatre would be a good plan for her.

slappywhyte said...

great Raconteurs pic -- they are amazing live and their last album is unreal good

i am becoming a bigger and bigger Amy Smart fan ... ever since "Crank" ... the classic chinatown scene of course contributes

slappy whyte


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