Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why Is It Shocking?

Someone go back and check, but when I was ranting about Kim Kardashian being on DWTS, I seem to recall saying she wouldn't last long, and she didn't. As a person who never watches the show, I must plead some ignorance, but from what I understand the viewing audience calling in decides whether or not someone stays or goes for the most part. So, why on earth would you think Kim Kardashian would get votes from people when her claim to fame is doing porn and an awful reality show that is on a cable network that not every person in the US even gets.

DWTS demographic is skewed way north of American Idol and as a consequence much more of the viewers know Cloris Leachman than Kim Kardashian. They watch figure skating, but have no idea on earth who Mario is. From what I can tell, it is a popularity contest until the last few dancers and then it seems to be skill. Until then though, people are going to vote for who they know and who they like.

Every magazine and blog post I have read today talks about how shocking it is because she was one of the better dancers. Who gives a f**k? If it was solely about skill, then the judges would vote. It is a popularity contest and I don't think the average 35-54 person in the US is going to say they like Kim. And, even if they kind of like her, there is no way they are going to like her more than most of the other contestants on the show.

Lets say that Robert Redford came on the show and got the worst scores each and every week. Didn't even bother to dance sometimes. Just stood there and gave his squint and aloof look. My guess is that with the demographic of the show he would still finish in the top 2 or 3. She shouldn't be surprised. She should also be eternally grateful to the people at Disney who overlooked her bad acting porn past and put her on a top rated show. They bought her another 15 minutes which she is going to need since the first 15 is about gone. Now, instead of her reality show at the top of her resume she can put this show, and the porn gets pushed a little more under the rug.


CDAN Mod said...

the 'piss on me' porn tape will never be forgotten. kim is trying hard to snag a rich man. i say, try harder dear. move to dubai, they may want you.

she's a joke and doesn't realize it.

Anonymous said...

she thinks Reggie Bush is going to marry her soon.

so either she is delusional or he is a dumb ass.

Wzzy said...

I *do* watch DWTS, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that KK was NOT one of the better dancers. Not the worst by any means - Ross and McGinley correctly got voted off first IMO - but nowhere near the top, either.

The only reason I was shocked that KK was voted off was that Cloris Leachman didn't go before her. I was hoping not to have to watch CL embarrass herself by groveling for attention/votes anymore. I realize that one of the joys of being in your 80s is not caring what people think about you anymore, but jeez! have some dignity and self-respect, Cloris!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I was shocked is because I was nearly convinced that America had fallen for her fat ass tripe.

I'm so glad they haven't.

CDAN Mod said...

bed fish,

correction "her fake fat ass".


reggie does seem slow, but i was told that he cheats. so she should not be so confident.

Sinjin said...

I totally agree with wzzy. Cloris is an embarrassment to herself and is painful to watch, not to mention she can't dance for shit. I don't give a damn how old she is; she CANNOT DANCE! Neither can Kim K, that girl cannot shake her ass to save her life. I've only caught a sporatic episode here and there, and I know it's not serious entertainment, but it is a dancing competition, so I think the shitty dancers should be voted off first. Yet, Cloris is still there! What really pissed me off was Kim's bio on the DWTS website. Nowhere was it mentioned that she got famous for being Paris Hiltons' leech friend, and subsequent sex tape, so everyone who doesn't know Kimmy's a ho, will believe the bio. It reads:

"PROFESSION: Actress, model and reality television star

BACKGROUND: Actress, model and reality television star, Kim Kardashian shot to stardom after the first airing of her hit E! reality series, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Believe it if you want Kimmy, I don't!

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I agree that Kim sucked as a dancer. She was very wooden and lacked any passion. I couldn't stop laughing when she did that dance to "baby's got back." Horrible! Girl has zero rhythm or talent. Shocking eh? LOL

As for Cloris, she does suck as a dancer but I don't think she's really making a fool out of herself or at least NOT by accident. She is old and doesn't give a fuck, which I personally love about her. I think slinging her leg up on the judge's table and cussing while getting her scores, is funny as all hell. She knows she's not going to win and is just having a blast while she is there. Unlike KK, she is entertaining even though she can't dance for shit. No one really expects much from her dancing. She's older than dirt,physically can't compete and probably has a bitch of a time remembering all the steps. Considering all those factors, shit, she's kicking ass. Team Cloris!!!

KK is just one big fail. Glad she's gone.

Little Baby Jade said...

It is a popularity contest and most people are amused by Cloris, that's why she's still there and probably will be a few more weeks.

mooshki said...

I'd start watching the show to watch Robert Redford stand there.

notachance said...

The difference between Cloris and Kim is that Cloris has character (not to mention is a character). For once T&A didn't win, and that's all Kim has to offer.

Anonymous said...

@QS, ah, my bad, thank you. I stand corrected. :)

Michael Strangeways said...


She was one of the WORST dancers; stiff, awkward and stupid and always fussing with her hair.

It's so great when all those reality show/cable show 'ho bags have to face the realization that they're really not that famous and that despite the ridiculous amounts of media attention, no one really gives a shit about them.

I soooooo can't wait until The Hills is yesterdays news, and those skanks are reduced to opening Qwik-E-Marts in the Valley for $500 and carfare.

lyz said...

Kim was so awful b/c she just didn't care. She lacked even the tiniest bit of enthusiasm. You could say, "she just laid there".

Cloris has earned the right to be goofy. She's 82 and has done mighty well for what her 82 y/o body will allow. She has to worry about balance and easily broken bones and yet she's still out there having a ball. She tried really hard with her last dance and I thought she did great.

She may be silly, but she has more class than Kim K will ever ever have.

lmnop123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lmnop123 said...

I saw the show and I was embarassed just watching Kim. I couldn't take her stiff wooden movements or Cloris' over the top comedy and begging anymore so I turned it off.

Maybe I'll watch it again if they vote Cloris off.

Okay also I wanted to see Susan Luci but I noticed while she looks good she sweats like an old person.

I saw it with Jerry Springer now I've noticed it with Susan.

So for everyone who says a person doesn't look and act their age you're probably right. But, if you catch them sweating you'll definitely know how old they are.

I know this sounds weird but it's true.

S. said...

I'm not sure who those magazines and blog posters were watching, but calling KK "one of the better dancers?" Please. She was totally without personality and unbelievably wooden.

Funny thing - I never saw KK's sex tape, but I did catch a few seconds of it that one blog has posted online... a scene where Ray J was getting ready to zero the camera in on some of her "personal parts" and her staring at the screen trying to look sexy and saying "I'm Shy...I'm shy..." All I could think of last night when I was hearing about her stepfather Bruce Jenner telling about how "shy" she was... was that scene. Shy, my ass! Wonder if Disney ever caught a glimpse of that?

No, KK isn't shy - she's a very calculating celebutante who knows that any publicity is good publicity, and the only reason she got the reality show was because she shot to fame as a participant in a sex tape, not the other way around. I'm STILL appalled that ABC brought her on the show. I used to watch this show with my 3 year old daughter - and this season I could NOT allow her to watch some ex-sex tape star wiggling her rear around the dance floor. No, my kid doesn't have a clue about KK, but "I" do. And that was enough for me to tape it and not let it be on when my daughter was awake.

Yeah, Cloris Leachman may not be much of a dancer, but she is an ENTERTAINER....something few of today's so-called celebrities know anything about. And that is why she's still around - because she has fans. Not celebrity-worshippers who will change loyalties to anyone or anything that is the newest fad... but true fans. Yeah, they may be older fans...but they've been around for years and years and years....

And as far KK putting out any effort - all she could talk about was sticking around "to wear more of these glitzy and glamorous costumes!" She could have cared less about the effort needed or the growth you needed to show in getting good at the dancing... she just wanted to dress up pretty so her "fans" would think she was cute. And THAT is the main reason she got booted - because it was pretty obvious that was all she cared about.


califblondy said...

This morning on L.A. Eyewitness News Kim said that she was just glad that America got to see her for the person she really is instead of what has been made up about her.

I had to laugh at that one.

I think the local newscaster also referred to her as an entrepreneur.

It was a funny news day for KABC.

Molly said...

kim sucked big time and i'm so glad they sent her big uncoordinated ass home. i'm sick of her talking like a little eight year old while she's dressed like a whore.

cloris is just entertaining people, she knows she can't keep up.

the bit about bribing the judges by giving each of the $10 was hiiiiiiighhhhlarious!!!

Molly said...

lyz, if you're reading -

edyta sliwinska

is married to

alec mazzo

alec currently dances with toni braxton. edyta was dancing with ted mcginley who has been voted off.

Brenda22 said...

How was she one of the better dancers when the judges kept commenting on how her skills were not at the level of the others. What I was surprised at was that she wasn't a better dancer. You'd think a girl who is so good at having sex would know how to move better.

audrey said...

Her mother is doing The Insider correspondent thing and was out raged that the judges kept insulting Kim's dancing. I wonder how she is going to react to her being booted.

Unknown said...

*sigh* At the risk of losing any shred of credibility I may have had, I have to say i dont understand why people hate on Kim K so much. She shouldnt be hated for having a vapid pointless show on E. They GAVE her the show, she didnt put a gun to anyones head. If I was offered a tonne of cash for cameras to follow me around for a while doing stupid boring things I would grab that money with both hands and laugh all the way to the bank. Ok, she is probably not that bright. Yes, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and is therefore quite ignorant about a lot of things, but she also comes across as being quite sweet albeit a little spoilt. I also think she is stunningly beautiful.
There are much worse celebrities out there to hate on than Kim K, thats for sure! ;)

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

The retirement home ladies lurrvve them some Cloris. I had to do a training session last week for my mom and her friends on how to vote online and with their cell phones (yes, they all have cell phones - that was a class I don't want to teach again!)

It means they have to stay up past their bedtimes, but they are bound and determined to keep her on! (And they just hated Kim K - "that hussy!")

Molly said...

missbliss, good points, but the bottom line for me is....i hate phonies. and she's as phony as they come. the bullshit that she's shy and innocent and talks with that widdow baby voice while making a porn film is disgusting. doing that with your bf is fine (tho stupid...never put anything on tape you wouldn't want your parents to see), but to constantly tell people she's shy and innocent is bullshit. be who you are and stop claiming to be someone else. plus i hate her voice. it's annoying.

also, she sucked. it's a dance show. if you suck, you get booted.*

*hopefully. see master p for dancers that slid thru the cracks

re: cloris leachman - every season they have someone on to appeal to the seniors, whether it's george hamilton or cloris. i don't think this is going to change in future seasons.

Unknown said...

I'm with you MissBliss, while I can't say that I'd like to have Kim over for tea, I just don't find her all that bothersome.

Molly said...

i just read this morning by someone affiliated with the show that she was a major diva pain in the ass making all kinds of demands. can we dislike her now?

mooshki said...

"This morning on L.A. Eyewitness News Kim said that she was just glad that America got to see her for the person she really is instead of what has been made up about her."



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