Friday, September 25, 2009

Kelly Rutherford's Husband Scares Me

This whole relationship between Kelly Rutherford and her soon to be ex husband Daniel Giersch is a little scary. At one point in this whole process I thought maybe Kelly was overreacting because it seemed like both were normal and people say crazy things when they are trying to get custody of their kids.

Over the past few months though I have come over to Kelly's side and think there is something wrong with Daniel. Like something scary wrong. Like lock the doors and don't tell him where you live wrong. Kelly got a restraining order against Daniel because she says he has been following her, her mother and her nanny and scaring them. The nanny quit because she was so scared of her confrontations with Daniel during children exchanges.

Kelly's mom says Daniel would just show up at places when she was with the kids and keep them from leaving and Kelly says Daniel often shows up when she is out with the kids. If Kelly is telling the truth then this is really scary because this means Daniel isn't doing anything all day except following them around. Another word for that is stalking. If you are spending all day doing that, then you scare me and everyone around you should be scared of you.


califblondy said...

This is what happens when you marry a 12 year old.

Kelly always seemed normal (whatever that is), but this guy gives me the willies. Too bad they had to drag a couple of kids into the fray.

Paisley said...

Oh please. You forgot to mention that she took her kid on set with her during his custody times and then claimed he was inflexible about the schedule because she felt like she might be able breast feed during those days (buy a pump). Considering how much animosity there is between the two of them, she's an idiot for changing the custody arrangement for even one day without a judge's permission.

They are both crazy and vindictive. I feel sorry for the kids. They get to deal with these two losers for the next 18 years.

chihuahuense said...


It is always the kids that lose in these situations.

Anonymous said...

Didn't her soon to be ex request alimony/man support or whatever you call it?

Guess he has too much time on his hands.

Paisley said...

I haven't heard a thing about alimony or child support during this divorce, but I'm pretty sure that he has more money than she does.

gay tallywacker said...

@Paisley - is he wealthy? Don't know much about these two.

Paisley said...

He's supposed to be some sort of German entrepreneur/millionaire. He used to fly to Germany a lot for his business and Kelly wanted a judge to lock up his passport because she was afraid that he was going to kidnap their son (I think she just wanted to make his life difficult). If he wanted money from her, I find it hard to believe she hasn't brought it up in every single interview. As part of the custody arrangement, they each have to maintain residences in LA and NY (as long as Gossip Girls tapes), so if either one needed financial help, a judge would have ruled by now.

Judi said...

I don't care what she does. He'll have the restraining order stuffed in his back pocket when he pulls the trigger.

dbfreak said...

Man, if he *is* really stalking her, then I don't care WHAT the fuck she's done. Stalking is freaking scary! I know - I have an ex-husband and a restraining order against him for that, in addition to spying and harrassment : ( Thank God we don't have kids.

In fact, "funny" little aside - he found an anonymous post on cheating that I made on CDAN during one of the earlier anonymous-posts-allowed Your Turns by hacking into my router, and he called my parents and read it to them. That was AWESOME.


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