Friday, May 07, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Was A Sex Tape Fiend

When Kendra Wilkinson was 18 she must have wanted to be a porn star because she didn't make just one sex tape that was a mistake or something, she made lots of sex tapes. Like everytime the guy would come over they would record each other having sex. Yesterday, I talked about how Kendra had been trying to sell the tape herself which kind of dispelled the whole woe is me thing she had tried to play off earlier in the week.

Gone is the woe is me and now everyone starts to wonder what else was she lying about. Maybe she did have sex with Hef. Also, if she was trying to sell them, she must have had a copy of the tapes or been in touch with the boyfriend who did or they each have one. So, this isn't like some tape was stolen or anything. She has known they were going to hit the market. Maybe the woe is me act is designed to sell more tapes.

Oh, and of course Kendra is going to have all of this on her reality show. I can't wait to see how they edit that one.


selenakyle said...

Now that the GD baby elephant ad photo over there>>>>> has just gotten even WORSE, I'm off the site for a while.

Sorry, Enty, but until I figure out how to block this fucking ad that ruins my day, I'm outta here.

I'm sure no one cares or will miss me, but this bullshit is pissing me off.

And fuck Kendra. She is a dimwitted, vapid whore.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

The one with the elephant in the ropes? Yeah, it's a bit much. I just focus on the writing and put blinders on to everything else.

Anyway, I agree, eff Kendra. And see you later!

RocketQueen said...

Kendra made her bed, laid in it, turned the recorder on, and is now making her cash. I find the whole thing distasteful.

I honestly don't get why people complain about the ads. They are funding Enty's site - he puts them up as he's being paid to do. Have a problem with the content of the images? Donate to an animal group. I'm one of those who donates a lot and think people NEED to see this stuff.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

They're a little much for a gossip site, no? You read gossip for entertainment/escape reasons, so who wants to see a baby elephant being tased and/or strung up? Some people have a lower tolerance to that stuff than others and can only take so much, so they take a break. It's their perogative.

MINXXX said...

I used to like Kendra or at least could tolerate her, but now not so much. Like I said yesterday, THEY need the money.

sunnyside1213 said...

Wonder if she has a sex tape with Hef? (I know, ick nast.)

RocketQueen said...

An ad's an ad. And if people don't want to look at it, take a break, but I don't get the complaining about how someone else funds their site which allows us to read for free.

chihuahuense said...

I have never liked her, and didn't know why so many people were saying they felt sorry for her when she was leaving the SuperBowl crying. I am not a heartless person, and I like my sports as much as the next person, AND if she feels like she needs to cry when her husband loses the big game, then go 'head girl. BUT I can't say I felt any sorrow for her, I save that for people that really need it. I didn't feel sorry for her earlier when this first came out and I am not shocked with the new revelations. It is sad that she likens herself some sort of "tomboy" role model, though.

Mango said...

Kendra always seemed like an "anything goes" kind of gal. Why else would she fuck an octogenarian, even if she was getting room/board and national recognition as a ditsy ho?

You know I never could understand what annoying ads the CDAN posters were griping about because I don't see 'em. For your own sanity switch to Firefox. Can't say enough good things about it.

Mrs.M5 said...

first of all, Kendra is a flippin' ding dong and the fact that she has a sex tape (or several) doesn't suprise me. i'm sick of hearing about it...and boobs McGee...and that Urchitel slut...blah blah blah.

second, i never even noticed that baby elephant add until now...gee thanks! the ads don't bug me. if they were boobies or porn adds, yeah, that might bug me. but Enty is my favorite blogger and he needs the funding, so i shall continue to ignore. i like my little bubble, it's a happy place :)

Pookie said...

i already feel sorry for baby hank.

linnea said...

i honestly would have been SHOCKED if she didnt have a sex tape or two.

i dont notice the ads either, i really dont. maybe that makes me a cold hearted b*****

Mooshki said...

I know some of you can't use Firefox for whatever reason, but if you do, you can right-click on the elephant picture and block all pictures from that ad company. I didn't mind the old one that much, but this one is HORRIBLE and I blocked it the second I saw it. :(

Didn't a former Playboy bunny write a tell-all book where she talked about what kind of sex Kendra and the others had with Hef? I'm sure he didn't get it up that often, but there's no way she didn't have sex with him. I still like Kendra, but I'd respect her a lot more if she'd just be honest. It's not like anyone thinks she's an innocent angel! She should just say "I did sexual pictures and videos, it got me a lot of money, and now I'm going to use that money to make a good life for my family!"

selenakyle said...

I do use Firefox and I could never seem to get the ads turned off. Just tried again--thanks for the tip y'all!

Plus, now MK/dlisted also has the same dang ad running so fuck the advertiser. I hate them, whoever they are.

Who do they think is reading these gossip sites? Most of us already do give to animal and various other charities. They'd know that if they did any kind of market research.

But I suppose I'd rather see tortured baby elephants before I'd watch anything having to do with Kendra.

And most of us also gave money to Enty's site DIRECTLY...remember that whole fiasco afterward with the trolls telling us we're all cattle or sheep or whatever?

And yes, I do understand how internet advertising works.

It's just a massive buzzkill on a hectic day looking to unwind a little but seeing something so awful.

Just IMO. Thanks for letting me vent!