Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Costume Institute Gala Photos Part Four

Gwen Stefani
Hilary Rhoda
Ivanka Trump
January Jones
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
Kate Bosworth
Kate Hudson


Pookie said...

gwen is gorge...but 15 yrs of that hairstyle is enough already.

idk who hillary rhoda is, but what a lovely poster child for the transgender community.

loving january jones' dress!

jho looks beautiful, why does she always have to ruin it w/ constipation spout?

loving biels' dress...wow!

MontanaMarriott said...

Could you have imagine the BITCHERY that went on here last night?!?! LOL
To be a fly on the wall, ROFL

Pookie said...



Anonymous said...

JLo got that smokin' eye thing going again. Someone should tell her it's not sexy.

I'd say this dress confirms that Kate Hudson got a boob job, she's trying to show off SOMETHING.

RocketQueen said...

The first five dresses here are yuck. Gwen's is too tight??

Kate Hudson - put it away.

I really like Bosworth's and Alba's dresses.

I wonder if J.Lo got a cramp from all that pose-harding.

MISCH said...


Susan said...

ITA, MontanaMarriott. Maybe we'll get some blind items out of this.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I think Gwen needs a new look.

I'm loving Alba's dress. Her hair not so much.

Jennifer Lopez takes herself WAY too seriously.

jess said...

Great set of photos!

-I agree with Gwen's hairstyle
-WTF is January Jones wearing? why the sleeves?
-Jlo has something going on in her face
-Biel looks good

mikey said...

Pookie, spout/pout had me rofl! I love typo humor.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba reminds me of Princess Lea's hairdo LOL.

Jlo's dress is nice.

Gwen don't care for the dress or the hairdo reminds me of the movie Alien LOL.

JJ said...

Altho the dress is way too old for her, I think Ivanka is the most beautiful out of this group.

JLo's dress is fabulous but it looks too tight and uncomfortable on her. It should be on Kate Hudson, now that she has boobies.

I like Alba's dress but the color is just too boring.

Chrissy Buns said...

JLo is trying way to hard to be 'FIERCE'. One of these days she is going to burst a blood vessel in her head or poop her panties from trying sssssoooo hard to give 'FIERCE' face

nunaurbiz said...

Yup, definitely boob job for Kate. Nicely done, too. But no question that ain't no push-up action going on.

0 said...

Someone really needs to tell J.Lo to just quit it already.
Kate Hudson looks really pretty. I don't even like her that much, lol.
I love Gwen, but she looks... dull. Boring. Girl needs to try something new (same old hair, same red lips... boring!)
Why has Alba been so shiny lately?
Iman! She can do no wrong... love her and David to death.

mygeorgie said...

dresses, hair, blah, blah. I effing hate Kate Hudson. Overplayed tart ruins every party scene. If it weren't for her skanky escapades no one would give a shit. She's about as talented and interesting as her mother.

Seachica said...

I must own January Jones' dress. Love, Love, LOVE!

FrenchGirl said...

Iman,Jessica Biel and and Superman's actress are very great(hair,face,dress)

Robert said...

Wasn't there a blind item on CDAN about a singer who has to maintain her hairstlye/color or her hubby will wander off in search of a tranny with that same look? I believe it was thought to be Gwen and Gavin, too. That explains that. JLo has studied at the Tyra Banks School of Fierce. It may be sacrilege, but Jessica Biel reminds me of Ava Gardener without the career. And Kate Hudson sure is proud of 'em!

Rufus II said...

Dueling Jessica's! Love it! Isn't there a Lainey blind where one actress is always taking jobs from another actress and it turns out to be Alba sabotaging Biel out of parts?

Shmooey said...

Where is this gala, and how did Jennifer Lopez get there so quickly?

I am watching yesterday's episode of Graham Norton's talk show on the BBC iPlayer. Jennifer Lopez is one of the guests, and she is being, how can I put this... rather lovely.

She's being nice, smart, funny, and very open.

Graham showed a picture of her and Affleck and she was joking about it and their relationship was affected because of the media attention.

She also talked about how her husband made her realise that it is possible to be famous and still have a private life, so she's changed the way she handles her life in the public eye.

She is actually being really charming. So why have I always got the impression she was an absolute nasty "diva"?

Also, she looks 15 years younger the she is.

mooshki said...

Love January Jones's dress and styling!

Kate Hudson really can't deny she got a boob job after this.

lanasyogamama said...

Kate, show EITHER the boobs or the legs. Blech.

Not here, but all the pics I saw of Biel on other sites with JT, he looked like he wanted OUT.

Leah said...

I wish Gwen would quit wearing that helmet.

Leah said...

Oh, and I still think Kate could be pregnant. She's much thicker in the middle.


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