Monday, May 03, 2010

Conan On 60 Minutes Plus Bonus Footage

It was worth it wasn't it? For those of us not lucky enough to see Conan O'Brien on his tour, yesterday was our fun day. Wait, Sunday is fun day. Holy crap I'm channeling The Bangles. Ahh, Susanna Hoffs. Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Conan. May 1 was the day Conan could go back on television and 60 Minutes led the way. Enjoy. The bonus footage is definitely fun. To make it very work friendly, the interview is divide into 10 parts. Watch a little and then work a little. Repeat. It is kind of like the directions on a shampoo bottle. Thanks to CBS for making the whole thing available. I promise to watch at least one episode of Big Brother in return. I would anyway. I want to see who is going to be the next big reality drug dealer.

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MISCH said...


jax said...

shazzba, that's from the tour. those guys have been partying HARD aftershow in each city.

MommaBear said...

I caught the interview last night. I thought Conan was very honest and candid about the whole thing. But at the same time, it wasn't a pity party. He was actually very funny. It makes me wish we could have caught his act when he came to Edmonton last month. He really did get screwed over about the Tonight Show. I don't think Leno is doing all that well in the ratings. Perhaps that's karma.

Go team CoCo.

strawberrygirl said...

I'm sorry, but I don't feel sorry for him. Jay Leno in my opinion did nothing wrong and was caught in the middle. I feel like Conan is verging on being a whiner. He walked away with 32 million dollars. His ratings were not good and I don't find him nearly as funny as Jay. I hope Conan does well on TBS.

Anonymous said...

Not a Conan fan.

Pookie said...

i like him, but i'm a little over him. i've seen endless scores of tween hormonal little girls who bring on less drama. move it along,late night guys. enough already.

Tenley said...

I can't imagine he'll do any better on TBS. It's not the like the public didn't have years -- decades? -- to warm up to him. But whatever. I was over him years ago.

jax said...

leno BOMBED this weekend at the White House dinner. happy to see it. guy has no fucking integrity and hasn't written his own jokes in years. even his writers suck.

Carrie L. said...

The difference - at least to me - between Jay & Conan is that Jay gets his humor making fun of others. Conan's humor focuses on making fun of himself. To me, Jay's humor is nothing new and lacks creativity. Conan doesn't always "hit it out of the park" but he does take chances and I think he's handled this whole thing very well. I was so happy to see him again on my TV screen last night. I will follow Conan to TBS and am counting down the months...

Anonymous said...

I don't much like either one of them. The Tonight Show stopped being a "must watch" for me when Johnny Carson retired. And for the record, if anyone wants to fire me and hand me $32 million as a severance package, I will go quietly and never bother them again.

mazemerizing said...

When Conan first came on late night, he wasn't a smash hit. Jay Leno's Tonight Show wasn't a big hit either until after his interview with Hugh Grant. The point is, NBC didn't give Conan a chance and blew any chance he could have had by putting Leno on at 9 every week night. Leno's the reason the local news didn't do well and is the reason Conan didn't do well in the ratings. Plain and simple. Who's to know what could have become of Conan if Leno didn't precede the news? It's all NBC's fault. Leno must have said that if they go through with taking him off the Tonight Show and putting Conan on (per the agreement five years before) that he, Leno, would take his late night talk show to another network (probably Fox). NBC didn't want to get rid of either of them and gambled with Leno's stupid 9:00 show.

ALL TO SAY, it's completely NBC's fault for 1) wanting to get rid of Leno to bring in the "younger viewers" at late night; 2) Succumbing to Leno's threat and giving him that 9:00 show; 3) Not allowing Conan's show to develop like it had Leno's years earlier.

NBC sucks. Zucker sucks. I hope Conan takes a huge amount of ratings away from Leno. Leno was funny as a stand-up comedian, but not as a talk show host, never has been. Conan's funny, but I like Dave better.

lmnop123 said...

Not a Conan fan and his damn video crashed my internet connection for a minute.

I agree with the other people who say now he's just whining.

It's impossible to feel sorry for any of these people.

He's getting millions on top of millions when his show bombed. WE don't get that kind of chance.

Conan please just take your $32 million and your new TBS show and be quiet.

Shmooey said...

I like Conan, and have watched him through the Late Night years and his Tonight Show months, and I have to say this is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting.

Does anyone like being demoted?

- NO. Now let's have some perspective.

# The man has dozens of millions of dollars in the bank (his pay off and the salary he accumulated all his years at NBC).
He, his wife, his children and their descendants will never have to work a day in their lives - if they know how to invest it now.

# He is free to do whatever he wants with his life - including doing another talk show.

# He has the manifest support and what seems like blind adoration of a lot of the public, and pretty much ALL the media.

And he's sitting there moaning about how he has been mistreated by NBC! That he's depressed and can't even be bothered to shave!


How many people in the United States alone have lost their jobs, have lost their homes, and don't know where or how they are going to live?

How many people have been reduced to chasing every pay check they can get, working on short term contracts with no benefits whatsoever, each job being so far away they have to relocate every few months or every year?

How many people are living in despair right now because of work (or lack thereof) problems?

And he's sitting there with his self-pitying beard bitching (oh wait, he's too classy for that)... lamenting graciously the fact that he has had to leave his glamorous job with $32 Million, and has to wait a few months to start doing another millionaire talk show job.


So what you've left NBC? So what you won't be hosting the famous and prestigious "Tonight Show"?

That's life. You're still rich, healthy, and popular.

A talk show with Conan O'Brien by any other name and on any other network will be as funny, no?

On his last days on the Tonight Show he would do something that would cost outrageous amounts of money, because as he was leaving NBC, he "didn't care".

Because as we all know, wasting other people's money IS SO MUCH FUN! It's HILARIOUS!
I don't even know how all those financial institutions can help themselves with so much temptation around them! Oh, wait...

Conan comes across as a nice guy, and I'm sure he is.
But then people overdo it with the "Oh he is so classy!", "so intelligent!", "so talented!"

His schtick is doing the self-deprecating thing, but he is neither above nor beyond taking cheap swipes at easy targets.

When Kirstie Alley tweeted that he was acting as if she had bit his dick off, I had to agree with her - and I tell you, it is a sad day when I find myself agreeing with anything that woman has to say.

I watched him do those jokes: Such intelligence! Such class! Such comic brilliance!


Why not go after the woman because she advocates a legally and morally suspect organisation, instead of the fact that she put on weight?
Because he wouldn't dare to mess with Scientology.

But fat jokes? Fat jokes are safe. Fat jokes are easy.
Fat people are gross, and they have no feelings. And everybody laughs at fat jokes, right? Even nice guys.

Now moaning about how NBC and Leno did him wrong - and how he would "never" behave like that himself... SHUT THE FUCK UP.

How much longer will he beat this dead horse? When his new show starts, is this going to be a permanent feature of his act?

Will we be routinely treated to more NBC/Leno jokes by him and his sycophantic guests?

Grab a $100 bill Conan, wipe your tears away, and go work on some jokes. That don't revolve around how you got "screwed". Or fat people.

RocketQueen said...

Fuck Leno.

B626 said...

I don't think Conan came off very well, why did CBS feel the intense need to do this interview?
NBC hatred?
The beard, the bugged out eyes, the occasional joke that didn't fit in with the seriousness of the interview -I just wasn't feeling it and I even like Conan.

mazemerizing said...

Geez Louise, Shmooey, and I thought my previous post was long.

Just because some of us are having hard financial times, doesn't mean Conan can't enjoy his good fortune and well-earned "go away" money from NBC. Being someone whose job has been cut way down and had exactly $21 to buy a week's worth of groceries for three people this week, I have to say I don't think Conan is whining and I'm happy he got that huge chunk of change from NBC. NBC would have preferred not to give him ANYTHING but a pat on the back and an open door. And didn't some of that $32 million generously go to his also-out-of-work staff (or is that after he paid the staff? Can't remember.) If memory serves, had he refused to take the 12:05 job after Leno, he wouldn't have gotten anything. Since he said the 12:05 job wasn't "The Tonight Show" and he was contracted to do that show, NBC had to pay him that huge amount to end his contract. So $32 million well-deserved and whining quite appropriate in my book.

Mother Campfire said...

Wow, bitter party of....??

The most important aspect is that he said "nobody has had a more interesting ride than me and it just keeps getting better and better". I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY that he's trying to get pity. If anything, this is just one of many stops for understanding what his next step is. I love it. When do you get a real Conan? By the way, the closest I ever got was his almost running me over (literally) when I was taking photos across from the Dakota. SO TALL. Like, TALL. Anywhoo. Quit bitchin'. Let the man enjoy his life.

Shmooey said...

Mazemerizing, I think he has the right to enjoy his severance pay money.

And he absolutely should!

That's my point: instead of appreciating how good he has it, he's feeling sorry for himself and resentful of NBC & Leno.

Like I said: he has an insane amount of money; he has his health; and he has huge, very vocal and very loud public support.

The "Tonight Show" isn't the only game in town.
If the public manifestations of support for him and his comedy are rooted in a real preference for him, rather than people just jumping on the "team Coco" bandwagon, he will have no problem making his new show on TBS a hit.

I find it in extreme poor taste that he is dragging this out, doing interviews with a whiny voice and "woe is me" countenance, wallowing in self-pity as if he has been cruelly injured.

He hasn't.
He has a great life and career and will continue to do so.

Recently, I have been reading that the reason NBC gave him the Tonight Show is because is was threatening to go to another network. If this is true, then he was angling at Jay's job and shouldn't have done so.

I blame NBC squarely for this debacle.
It's Business 101: you don't change the formula on a market leading product.

NBC made a terrible business decision, probably realised soon after it came into effect, and finally tried to reverse it.
It's called "cutting one's losses" and is actually not that unusual.

The fact that this business deal involved a long-standing media institution and two very high profile people means that this didn't happen quietly, and these people have had a platform and a captive audience to play up their version of events.

It's a shame that such poor decision-making has lead to bad blood between Conan and Jay, and has stirred so many antipathies - but let's not turn this - and many people have - into a pantomime with Jay cast as the villain and Conan as the plucky hero.

Jay is not Machiavelli, and Conan is no saint.

I am just waiting for everyone involved to drop this mess and get on with the business of being funny.


Meg said...

Thanks for posting this Enty!!! I dvr'd it but I havnt been able to watch it yet bc of my stupid project and it'll prob get deleted. So I can watch here instead. I get to see him live in just about a month! Eeee!

Fabulous! said...

i've been a fan of conan for years myself and i think losing the tonight show is the best thing that could have happened for him.

think of it, his act was watered down considerably to take the tonight show- it was stale, it was boring and it was the complete opposite of funny. it was the complete opposite of late night so it could appeal to a large audience. he wasn't true to himself and that's why it failed.

tbs is taking him not for the tonight show, but for the origonal conan. he can go back to being controversial and offensive and most importantly funny. and with all the media hype and attention, he'll have a new audience to gain along with those who've watched him for years.

i agree, he needs to give up the 'woe is me' act and enjoy the fact he can still do what he loves, without pretending to be something he's not. he's got a lot of good to gain here. (nevermind the $32 mil...)

Meg said...

OK, I finally got to watch. I think it was a combination of him looking and sounding INCREDIBLY tired (from the tour) and the way they edited it too. Of course there was lots of him talking about losing the job but those are the things they knew some people wanted to hear. I've never really seen his wife before...other than pics. She is gorgeous. Lucky lady. I am digging the beard on Coco.


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