Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

George Clooney looks like he has lost some weight.
Guy Ritchie takes his girlfriend for dinner at his pub. Big spender, that Guy.
Javier Bardem in Madrid.
Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey get their Mickey Mouse on.
Jon Hamm and his eclectic luggage collection.
Jessica Simpson. Bringing the poncho back all by herself.
Madonna teaches a dance class at her new gym in Mexico City.
Mel B does some happy family pictures after her pictures with another guy showed up last week.
Olivia Wilde promoting TRON in Tokyo.
The Queen at a movie premiere. Specifically, Chronicles Of Narnia.
Also there were Anna Popplewell, who has made a career off the films and the video games and
Liam Neeson.


ea17 said...

regarding clooney, doesn't alcoholism destroy appetite?

RocketQueen said...

There was a blind recently (maybe blindgossip.com?) that suggested that George constantly has health problems lately.

Good for Guy Ritchie. Any future partner/wife better like his pub, or what's the point? ;)

delilah said...

i want to know whats going on with goop, madonna and the whole gym-deal...there has to be a story with that.

mngddess said...

Where is Clooney in that photo?

Susan said...

I feel like Jessica Simpson will be spokeswoman for a weight loss program in about 15 years.

I loathe Madonna but do give her props for teaching a class.

Jamie's Girl said...

Jessica is rumored to be pregnant, and that's why she is engaged.

Jamie's Girl said...

Also, Clooney is supposed to be HIV positive somewhere in all the gossip that I read on another website. Yet another rumor.

Jamie's Girl said...

Add HIV positive to Gay, Spayed, Massochist, etc.

califblondy said...

I don't think Guy gives a crap and just does his own thing.

I would like to know how far Jessica walked in those boots. The poncho is kinda cute and is good for hiding all sorts of imperfections.

parissucksliterally said...

Madonna's face is awful, and Jessica just keeps looking fatter.

B626 said...

Could you imagine getting on a plane and finding yourself seated next to Jon Hamm?
Now that's what I call a Christmas

audieh_1 said...

D listed posted a horribly scary pic of Madonna this morning.

Sherry said...

Jon Hamm - Real man don't do matchy-matchy luggage.

I did not know the queen goes to movie premiers.

MCH said...

I'd love to carry Jon Hamm's luggage (or baby).

I would love to take a dance class with Madonna.

Is Olivia Wilde off House for good now?

I couldn't tell who was holding Liam's umbrella at first glance. I thought it was magically levitating.

Deborah said...

I'd like to rub maple syrup all over that Christmas Hamm...

MadLyb said...

My god, how is it that a woman older than me is still running around teaching dance classes? I'd love to take classes from Madonna. Like 20 years ago...

Dear Lord, Jon Hamm. Where do I start? I'd totally carry his bags for him. I saw that pic and it came down to my hormones kicking the crap out of any feminist belief's I've acquired over a lifetime. Damn Hamm!

Clooney looks like shit. I hope the rumors posted above (first I've seen of them, and I get around) aren't true! :(

Mango said...

Jeez, George *does* look ill.

Cleopatra would seem low maintenance after living with Madonna.

And speaking of Madge, her face looks bizarre and I just don't get that whole Mexican gym thing. Well, I get the gym part, but I don't get the astronomical rates in a borderline third world country.

lanasyogamama said...

I don't think Clooney looks that bad. I think it's just a bad pic. I mean he's probably still a gay, hiv + serial killer.

Hamm continues to bring the sexy. Maybe more than normal today!

I kind of don't mind this look from J. Simp. It accentuates her nice hair, legs, and bag.

Whatever class Madge is teaching looks like it could cause an ankle injury.

I don't like Mel B.'s sham marriage.

caydian said...

Is it a bad camera angle or does Jessica Simpson have large feet?

RocketQueen said...

@MCH - Wilde is supposedly coming back to House, basically just took an extended leave of absence for movie work/promotion.

MCH said...

@RocketQueen - Thanks! :)


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