Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Hayden P split up with her boyfriend after 18 months. In other uninspiring news, Hugh Grant is in talks to take over for Charlie Sheen in Two And A Half Men. Oh, and Amber Portwood lost primary custody of her child.
Jennifer Aniston really, really needs people to start going to her movies so she is pretty much willing to do anything at this point.
In case you wanted to combine your Johnny Depp & Indiana Jones fantasies into one big mind meld. Oh, an Penelope Cruz was there too.
Katherine Heigl keeps channeling her inner grandmother.
When the only thing to wear comes from a box that says Hefty or Glad. She did a great job of removing the drawstrings though.
The world's largest breasts were on full display on UK television. 164XXX.
Milla Jovovich gets a kiss and hug from her daughter.
Princess Beatrice is putting this IUD, umm hat on eBay. Any takers?
Reggie Bush was at a party last night and you know who else was there?


RocketQueen said...

Her breasts look like tumours.

It really bothers me when tanner is applied on some parts of the body, but not others (cough*Kelly Osbourne*cough) I know there are bigger problems in the world, but this one's bugging me today.

I thought I read yesterday that talks had already ended between Hugh and Two and a Half men?

Cheryl said...

I like what Katherine is wearing!

Why does it look like the princess is a serial killer?

JasonBlueEyes said...

Kelly O is putting on some weight again.

What is Jennifer doing to that poor, innocent banana?

I think Hayden Planetarium is really hot. But when they guy she was going out with is as big as a planet himself, it's doomed from the start.

Texshan said...

RQ, take a gander at Kim K's face and compare it to her arms and then her legs. The tanner abuse is even more schizo with her!
Those boobs are disgusting. And you should read about how she got them that big by using a now-outlawed procedure. It's gross.
Jennifer A is pathetic.
Milla and daughter are too cute.
The hat still defies description.
I still can't figure out how Hayden P and Andre the Giant had sex without killing her.
That is all.