Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 14, 2015

I’m not sure why she did it, but this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee went up a breast size a couple of weekends ago. It seems impulsive. Like someone said something to her.

Jennifer Lawrence


sandybrook said...

She gained weight from all the booze and wine you say she drinks all the time?😣

Melissa said...

This chick is highly overrated as an actress and comes across as totally unhinged and mentally unbalanced in every blind item and in every interview she gives.
I do not get any good vibes from her, never have.
Get all the fake boobs you want it will still not make you a good actress.

david said...

Did her 'old man' boyfriend talk her into it?

david said...

I just realize it's a reveal from December, 2015.
Okay, so what.

James said...

JLaw has been coruppted by HollyWeird nothing wrong at all with her real ones bigger isn't always better I hope this is made up

Beige Caulk said...

Most overrated girl in the game looks wise. In real life, she's a JAG

OKay said...

Like, someone actually said to her something like, "Hey, tiny tits" and she lost her shit and got implants? That just makes her dumber than she usually seems.

Laura Palmer said...

you shouldn't rip on her... it must be insane to be in her position at her LA as it is right now? , jesus...she is not way .thats just ridiculous. Is she bearding, yachting and fucking someones husband while smoking crack with the weekend on an table made of EBONY.?..NO! no she's not, she's not suing a baby daddy or shoplifting at Barneys, she's not pretending she's an intellectual or speaking with foriegn accents..NO! She's not even having sleepovers at Chateau Marmont with John Mayer or stumbling around a drug den with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth on a grainy eighties video with a blood vial around her neck! NOOOOOO!!! You won't see JLAW sitting on Uncle Terry's lap or joining scientology... fuck that! No we will see great things from her..she's still a kid..omigod 2 oscars...give me break.

I got you Jlaw..I got you!

Patrick said...

I call shenanigans on this one. JLaw is on Enty's, or the enterns' poop list. Obviously, the publicist/agent/managers of one of Jlaw's rivals feeds these bogus blinds to the site. If even a fraction of what we've heard about Jlaw were true, something would have come out.


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