Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chris Soules Did Call 911

Chris Soules called 911 from the scene of a deadly car crash on Monday night in Iowa that took the life of 66-year-old Kenneth E. Mosher.

USA Today reported that audio released on Wednesday revealed that the 35-year-old reality TV personality told the female dispatcher he hit a man on a tractor. The publication also reported that the Des Moines Register obtained the 911 recording from the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office.

The dispatcher asked if the tractor was in the ditch and if the man was thrown into the ditch. Soules replied with a yes. He also added that the man was not conscious.

“Stay on the phone with me,” the dispatcher urged. She is also heard on the recording requesting an ambulance. When asked if the victim was breathing, Soules said he couldn’t tell and “doesn’t appear to be.”

The dispatcher asked Soules if he knew CPR, but Soules said he didn’t. Soules is reportedly heard asking other people at the scene if they know CPR. Then, a person is heard counting out what sounds like CPR.

“I feel a pulse, yeah, he’s got a pulse,” said Soules.

“You guys are on the way?” he asked the dispatcher.

“I’m going to stay on the line with you. We have law enforcement, medical en route to you," she replied.

The recording ends with Soules asking the dispatcher if he can call her back “really quick” before hanging up.

Fox News learned that Soules was arrested on Monday following the fatal incident. According to a press release from the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, Soules was arrested and charged with “leaving the scene of a fatality motor vehicle accident (a class D felony).

"Due to the on-going investigation, further charges may be pending," the statement read.


Simon said...

Good that he called 911 but very suspicious of his leaving the scene. He was not arrested for 5 1/2 hours so any testing for alcohol would have been pointless. I haven't heard him address why he thought leaving the scene was necessary.

Beige Caulk said...

He took off because he was cocked. This is so obvious.

Sunshine. said...

Twas drunk


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