Friday, April 28, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 8, 2017

This A- list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee is furious she got blindsided by this A- list mostly movie actor. She doesn’t like him and was doing her best to avoid him like every other woman at an event, but he caught her unaware. She doesn’t want people to think she likes him.

Viola Davis/Casey Affleck


david said...

I get the feeling she's not the only one who doesn't like him.
BTW: How did he win Best Actor?

Piper said...

white privilege.

Dana said...

He got something- I remember him sniveling on stage

texasrose said...

Like him or not he gave the best performance this year by far. Denzel was probably a distant second but thought he was going to sneak in because of the anti Affleck sentiment.

Wildguess said...

Affeck winning Best Actor was a travesty. He's a no-talent who has no emotional range. Connections, etc., got him the part, the nom and the win. Plus 10,000 commercials with producer Matt Damon extolling his virtues. I wonder what else Damon did bts to bring home some gold.

police dog said...

made me sad when I saw rami malek be buddy buddy with him at the PGAs and GGs. I wonder if he knows...he seems a bit more out of the loop than most actors

Maitland said...

Let them groan you but you are right

Melissa said...

Not defending him but I mean everyone still works with Woody Allen and what he did was way worse.
People still defend Roman Polanski, Hollyweird is a town of fucked up people.

dianavonthirstybird said...

What is wrong with those Affleck boys! Their mom is rumored to be Mom Of The Year. Where did they go wrong? Blame it on fame and Hollywood. Sad.

Nohighhorse said...

Alas I Must Defend Poor Casey,
1) The marriage to Summer lasted a long time by Hollywood standards. Not bad.
2) Forgive me if I fail to be outraged by cheating.
3) Joaquin was the bad guy in the last Casey Affleck blind.
4) I have no idea whether the "I'm still here" allegations are true and neither do you. Having seen the movie, there's definitely room for doubt no matter what's on film actually.
5) He really is a great actor.

That is all.

Do Tell said...

*what he *ALLEGEDLY did

Do Tell said...

No, he/she isn't.


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