Sunday, April 30, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #6

April 26, 2017

Well, if this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is really hooking up with that former television vampire, then he is cheating on her. Our actor took a woman back to his place while out of the country and she didn’t leave until the next morning.

Nina Dobrev/Orlando Bloom


FairyDogMother said...

I used to feel sympathy for him with the Miranda Kerr scenario, but not so sympathetic for him any longer.

sandybrook said...

According to yesterday's blind, she bought a dog and he dumped her.

david said...

I learned a long time ago that to succeed in Hollywood, you have to be willing to use and abuse other people for your own career success.
Nothing new here.
She's using him; he's using her.

8==D KermitGosnellKnobJob said...

Dobrev has one of the worst tastes in males for a famous person: first, ian someretarded (sp), now this other cheater, in the middle some other guy with whom she was only for a few weeks...

Do Tell said...

Is this based on your own strenuous, coldhearted climb to Hollywood big screen superstardom?

OKay said...

I doubt she's expecting a full-fledged, committed relationship just a few weeks in anyway. She seems smarter than that.

OKay said...

I'm genuinely curious...why are you such a bitch? david has never been a jerk. You, on the other hand...

Do Tell said...

David, on the other hand, has an unnecessary inclination to make everything about him.

But thanks for your unnecessary (as usual) bitchy swipe while criticizing otgers for the same thing, bitch.

Do Tell said...

I'll also add that I'm not a fan of his frequent, derogatory blanket statements about women. Perhaps yoy are "OKay" with those remarks, but it is not the1950's anymore

david said...

Anonymous Internet Trolls: such wonderful, lovely people.

BTW @DO TELL: I don't make derogatory statements about women. I just reflect on posts where actresses sleep for roles...and yachting for cash. (To each their own, I suppose.)

Anyway, this morning I met a "banker" who recently moved from S Cal to Las Vegas because he was offered a job at a bank here.

We met for coffee. Turns out, he, too, had 'worked in Hollywood' in the 1990's.

He told me about actors who 'hit on him' "a lot." His words.
Now, is that a derogatory statement about men?

And OKay, much appreciation for your defense of me against this troll.

As long as Trolls can post invalidating comments anonymously, we just have to live with their negativity.

Best of Luck to everyone else!


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