Monday, June 05, 2017

War Machine Gets Life In Jail

Former UFC competitor War Machine received a life sentence Monday, with the possibility of parole after 36 years, for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and a companion of hers. The 35-year-old went by his birth name, Jonathan Koppenhaver, during his trial, which took place in March and ended with him being convicted on 29 of 34 charges, including sexual assault and kidnapping.

The ruling Monday, by Clark County (Nev.) District Court judge Elissa Cadish, means that Koppenhaver will be 71 before he can have his first parole hearing. Koppenhaver’s ex-girlfriend, former porn actress Christy Mack, had testified that his violence against her increased over the course of their 15-month relationship, culminating in an August 2014 attack which left her with a fractured eye socket, a broken nose, missing teeth, leg injuries and a lacerated liver.

Mack, whose real name is Christine Mackinday, spoke at Monday’s sentencing hearing and told the court that she was afraid Koppenhaver, if he did not get a lengthy term, would kill her when he got out of jail. She had cited death threats he made against her during his trial, which also featured testimony from Corey Thomas, the man prosecutors said she was with when the ex-MMA star burst in on them.



david said...

Such a small, small, little man.
I don't care how tough he is.
Beating up a woman demonstrates just how weak you truly are.

Joel Theriot said...

Good. Very Good. Let's hope he never gets parole. And God Bless Miss Mackinday.

John said...

But kill a trans person and you might not do time at all. Ridiculous.

Piper said...

Kill an unarmed black man you definitely aren't doing any time and youcmay even get a reward like back pay. SMGDH

Do Tell said...

This guy is an utter POS. He deserved what he got. It is irrelevant what other cases with other circumstances and other types of victims result in, in this case with these circumstances, this guy deserved the full book thrown at him.

SD Auntie said...

Right on Piper!!

greg said...

Life in jail? Bit harsh for beating people up unless I'm missing parts of this case. Did he try to kill someone? Our jails are full enough.. I'd say force him into anger management and a few years in prison. Life sentence seems CRAZY


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