Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Blind Item #16

This former celebrity from a decade ago on the site has reinvented herself as a reality star on a seemingly never ending franchise. What hasn't changed with her over the past decade is her love of partying and her insane jealousy which led her most recent boyfriend to run away as fast as he could. And yes, he was having sex with other women but our reality star is still insanely jealous. 20-30 phone calls (not texts) are common with her.


sandybrook said...

Brittany gastineau?

nancer said...

tinsely mortimer.

Boldblonde said...

Tinsley for sure. Her whole persona was about reinventing herself this season.

Ivy said...

Paris Hilton.

Mrs Meat said...

I thought of Paris, but does she have any kind of franchise any more? Who'd think these girls have the TIME to be ringing their inamoratos 20-30 times. Mr Meat would be thoroughly startled if I called him ONCE in a day, let alone every ten minutes.


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