Thursday, October 26, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway are making a new version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
Hilary Duff on a coffee run.
James Corden going the polka dotted route with his wife.
Ashley Judd made an appearance in NYC.
Karlie Kloss has been trying to stay under the radar lately. Hmmm. Wonder if she is hanging out with her former bff/lover again.
Laverne Cox with a new look for her at a party last night.
Margot Robbie filming her new movie.


sandybrook said...

There is nothing again about TayTay ad Karlie--its still.

Uhhhh... said...

And what exactly attracts Taylor to Karlie? I'm definitely not seeing it from this picture! Karlie looks skeezy here.

beebopcowboy said...

if karlie is in london, then yes they are hooking up.

alphacranberry said...

I think Karlie looks that happy because she's hanging with Taylor.

alphacranberry said...

Karlie is skinny, but she's a model. Most models are thin. She's healthy enough - training for a marathon.

cc423 said...

Ms. Cox meanwhile looks adorbs.

The Alchemist said...

I always get an asshole vibe from Corden.

longtimereader said...

Never broke up but kept on the Q.T. apparently due to meet the public again at the VS fashion show next month.

Do Tell said...

Leave Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the hell alone. There is no way to improve on the original and nowhere to go with a reboot/remake but down.


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