Friday, October 27, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Remember that scene in Tommy Boy when Spade's hair flies back? I get the same feeling looking at Angelina Jolie's hair.
Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart headed out.
Lily Rose Depp out for smokes.
Millie Bobby Brown at the Stranger Things 2 premiere.
Look at that acting by Margot Robbie.
Look at that Alexander Skarsgard haircut.
Alicia Vikander and the expression she uses throughout the entirety of Tomb Raider.


Himmmm said...

That pic of Lily reminds me of Lily von Schtupp. I hear Harvey Korman's voice saying: "Lily, lily...legs, Lily...legs Lily". (HEADLy Lamaar).

Anonymous said...

Angie's hair is bigger than her whole body!

sandybrook said...

Alicia's best acting is done when she's naked.
How much thinner can you get St. Angie?

Sd Auntie said...

Love Alicias outfit...

Gator said...

Millie Bobby Brown is only 13, but it looks like her parents are already trying to pass her off as an adult.

Sean said...

Has Mille Brown already had a face lift?

And do we start a death watch on St. Angie?

nina lovegood said...

alicia shit vikander ... shit face

kj said...

angie's hair weighs more than her body. that is the skinniest i ever remember seeing her or has she just always worn all those clothes to hide the skeleton body?

Phillips Head said...

Lily Rose Depp needs to learn how to dress for her body. She has a really long torso in proportion to her legs, which are thick for such a skinny kid. A feminine dress that flares gently from her waist and hits her just below the knee would look a lot better. She can afford to hire a stylist. Do it.

And Alexander Skarsgard shouldn't announce to the world that he doesn't have a good face. Isn't he closeted so you think a gay man would know that 70% of a man's appeal is his hair. Warren Beatty supposedly said that.

BlissBoo said...

Angelina's legs are so scary thin. You could probably wrap your hand around her thighs. I wish she would get treated for her ED.

Speaking of ED, Lily has gained weight and looks incredible! Fit and sexy. Proud of you girl.

Hot Alex....W T F??!

alphacranberry said...

Millie needs real parents. A 13 yo does not need to look like she's 25.


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