Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Blind Item #5

There has always been his secret cheating, but this A- list singer solo and in a group has also learned that her A list singer boyfriend has been secretly drinking. He told her he had given up anything but a beer or two on weekends. All these things have already made her leave him a couple of times but she keeps going back because of the nature of their relationship.


MontanaMarriott said...

Gwen and Blake?

monteverde said...

Gwen and Blake?????????

Those 2 are as fake as Clooney and anal, or Brad and Irina.

I can't actually believe Blake hasn't told that embarrassing pathetic Gwen to fuck off already.

Boldblonde said...

I must have been the only one thinking it was real.

Annouck said...

What does that mean "nature of their relationship?" I don't think it's fake, at least not on her part, she wouldn't have gotten her kids so involved ....she's naive but, she's in for real. Not sure if he ever stopped cheating, obviously he didn't stop drinking.

Unknown said...

Yeah right, he is the hottest country singer of the moment and many women want him! If his cheating is true then posts some pictures because if I had an opportunity to be with Blake I would tell the world and wouldn't care about Gwen...get some proof before you post garbage, considering you claim he cheats all the time - such bullshit!!! Produce the proof!!!!

Jwill said...

Oh my gosh. You are so in denial, Maria. First, he is hardly the hottest Country singer. Second, he has always cheated. Third, pictures? Where are all the Harvey Weinstein photos? Lack of photos mean nothing.


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