Friday, October 27, 2017

Blind Item #8

This former naked celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity who is not home much wanted a staffer or two from this company to accompany her and her family on a recent outing. Apparently they thought they would be mobbed. Many many larger celebrities have come to the same place and no one gets a staffer with them. Oh, and maybe two people recognized the celebrity and she freaked out at the people. Pretty sure she is on drugs too. People at her favorite out of town destination where she pockets the majority of her income say the work depresses her. I could see that.


Tricia13 said...

Kendra W?

sandybrook said...

Holly Madison?

Do Tell said...

Kim K, recent trip to Disneyland?

kj said...

I'm on the Kim train. I cant imagine anyone would care to "mob" her at Disneyland. Maybe she was in Fantasyland when she had that idea. Or, if Kanye was there wanted to protect herself from a lawsuit when he went off on some poor family.


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